A Producer, Student or Organizational membership is required for all rentals.
Equipment can be booked by contacting
 Cameras   (lens rental separate) 

Black Magic Cinema Camera 2.5k

Artist $45 Profit $90

13 stops of dynamic range, raw recording and interchangeable lens system.

Canon C100 with Atomos Ninja

Artist $45 Profit $90

Super 35mm sensor, cinema-style camera with interchangeable lens system.

Panasonic GH4 with Speedbooster 

Artist $30 Profit $60

4K recording,up to 96 frames per second and interchangeable lens system.

Canon 5D Mark III

Artist $30 Profit $60

Full-frame sensor, HD Video DSLR camera with interchangeable lens system.

 Canon XA-10 Camcorder

Artist $25 Profit $50

A pro-level handicam that is ideal for live events or automatic shooting.