Introduction to Final Cut Pro X

Upcoming Sessions
Thursday June 29th, 2017
6:30pm- 9:00pm
Free for members/$40+HST for non-members
Held at Ed Video (404 York Road, Guelph)
Registration Information
Registration is required to secure a spot in this workshop
Email angus@edvideo.org to register by June 21st
This workshop is an ideal starting point for someone who wants an overview of the software, but can also be of benefit to those who have delved into the program on their own.
Learn the basics of Final Cut Pro X: how the software manages media, starting a new project, importing footage, simple editing tools, applying effects, and sharing.  This session is demonstration-based.
About the Instructor
Angus McLellan is the Training & Production Director at Ed Video, as well as a reasonably accomplished screenwriter, director and editor who works in everything from video art to fiction to videos for exhibits.
All workshops are held at Ed Video, 404 York Road, Guelph, unless otherwise indicated

Workshop Outline

  • Libraries, events and projects
  • Setting up a library
  • Importing media
  • Renaming media and organizing in events
  • Moving footage to the timeline
  • Working in the timeline (editing and assembly)
  • Basic audio adjustment in the timeline
  • Adding transitions
  • Adding titles
  • Sharing