Introduction to Video Production

Upcoming Sessions
Saturday September 23rd, 2017
12:00pm- 3:00pm
$25 for members/$50+HST for non-members
Held at Ed Video (404 York Road, Guelph)
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Email to register by September 20th
This workshop will provide an overview of the tools and practices of video production. Equipment such as cameras, tripods, microphones and lights will be demonstrated and discussed, as will common production practices. The session will also discuss resources for production such as casting, basic contracts, permitting needs and common general ethics.
Participants will be given an opportunity to practice basic setup of a camera kit and microphone. In-depth camera and microphone operation, lighting techniques and editing will not be covered in this class.
There are no prerequisites for this session.
About the Instructor
Angus McLellan is the Training & Production Director at Ed Video, as well as a reasonably accomplished screenwriter, director and editor who works in everything from video art to fiction to videos for exhibits.
All workshops are held at Ed Video, 404 York Road, Guelph, unless otherwise indicated