Event Blogging

June 11th/2018 The Image Makers: There Will Be Blood

Our mission this month was to recreate a shot from P.T Anderson’s ‘There Will be Blood’. This shot is dark. The original scene reveals just one dim lamp in front of the subject, but does not show what lights are doing most of the work in the scene. This meant we had to...more

May 28th/2018 The Image Makers: Pulp Fiction/Interior Car Shot

Our mission this month was to capture an interior car shot, looking at an image from ‘Pulp Fiction’ as a case study. Working inside a car is tricky: the lighting isn’t very good, the motion of the vehicle causes the camera to shake, and the enclosed space makes it difficult to capture wide shots...more

May 23rd/2018 Let's Try...Recording Video to Audio Cassette

My interest in video making just barely predates the PXL-2000, and yet sadly it took me another 30 years to find out about this quirky ‘toy’ camera that captures low-resolution black and white video to audio cassette tape. Had my 7 year old self known about the PXL-2000....more