This View of Life - Evolutionary Art for the Year of Darwin

Date: October 9 - 30, 2009
Location: University of Guelph campus and Ed Video Media Arts Centre
Opening Reception: October 16, 2009 - 5pm to 7pm in the Atrium of the Science Complex

Mat Brown
Jefferson Campbell-Cooper
Alison Judd
Christy Langer
Jean Maddison
Allyson Mitchell
Jenn E Norton
Prof. Burnaby Q. Orbax
Kelly Richardson
Stephen Wicks

Organizing Committee:

Tara Abraham
Dept. of History

Ryan Gregory
Dept. of Integrative Biology

Stefan Linquist
Dept. of Philosophy

Anne Milne
Dept. of English and Theatre Studies

Beren Robinson
Dept. of Integrative Biology

Scott McGovern
Project Curator
Ed Video Media Arts Centre

‘This View of Life’ showcases the melding of artistic and scientific disciplines in this year of celebration for Charles Darwin.  This group exhibition presents recent work from contemporary Canadian artists and features several collaborative projects created with scientists from the University of Guelph.

The investigation of evolutionary theory is not limited to the lab, field or fossil bed.  Darwinian theory, after a century and a half, continues to inspire creativity which perpetuates the evolution of these ideas in their own right.  Forms of expression can be compared to instruments of observation, magnifying some aspects of evolution while masking or distorting others.  Presented by the University of Guelph and Ed Video, these exhibits offer unique perspectives into the nature and scope of biological novelty, organic variation, and evolving life forms. 

The reception will feature artwork, biological specimens, and presentations by project participants.  Artwork will also be exhibited at the Ed Video Gallery and at various locations on campus for the duration of the show.

Sponsored by :
        College of Arts
      College of Biological Sciences
Department of Integrative Biology
Department of History
        Department of Philosophy
School of Fine Arts and Music
School of Environmental Sciences

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