Technical Skills Development Program for Women in Video and Film

Beginning July, 2016

Application deadline: July 15th, 2016  



Ed Video is proud to offer a program dedicated to advancing the technical production skills of women film and video makers. This bespoke program will provide opportunities for participants to significantly improve and/or diversify their technical skill level while being introduced to a network of other creators.

This application-based program will provide no-cost access to workshops and training, mentorship opportunities, and limited equipment access. We are looking for participants who are serious about being better at what they do and who want to obliterate the barriers that stop them from being more involved in the creation of media art.

Intended outcomes of the project are:

-        To increase the number of women in technical production roles in the region

-        To increase the ability of women working in non-technical roles to communicate with their crew and collaborators

-        To expand the technical abilities of women in the region who create their work as a ‘one-person crew’

-        To build or strengthen additional networks of film and video creators

-        To give participants an opportunity to create work which can they can use to demonstrate their new/honed capabilities


The application is simple, and anyone who meets the criteria is encouraged to apply. Up to 12 participants will be accepted.


Eligibility Criteria

- Must be 16 years of age or older (by application date).

- Film and video makers of all experience levels are welcome to apply.

- No geographical restrictions, but all participants are expected to attend a majority of the events that are related to the development areas they have identified.

- This program was initiated with people who identify as women in mind, but we also respect that gender identity and experience are more complex and personal than this simple definition. If you believe that this program is a good fit for you then we hope you will apply.

 - This program is open to members of Ed Video, as well as non-members. Memberships will be provided to succesful applicants.


Potential Activities in the program (to be determined based on the needs of participants)

-        Full-day hands-on training sessions

-        Assignments designed to strengthen independent development and confidence

-        Mock or real shoots that bring participants together in a way that strengthens working relationships and provides hands-on practice

-        Peer to peer mentorship opportunities

-        Professional Development Days

-        Shadow opportunities

-        Participants are encouraged to take workshops and training that aren’t part of the program


Send the following information to apply

-        Contact (name, email, phone)

-        Brief bio (25-50 words)

-        Desired outcomes for professional growth (what are your career and/or artistic goals)

-        Areas of technical skill you would like to develop (eg. camera operation, sound recording, etc)

-        Film & Video CV (will help to inform program design by letting us know your experience level)


Send to by July 15th, 2016