The Play Proposition II

Experiment. Learn. Develop.

January 8th to February 5th, 2015

The Play Proposition is a four week project in which the brave souls who participate will be challenged to create one short video each week. Each challenge will be based on a technical or thematic concept, designed to encourage each person to get their hands on cameras and create fun new works that will stretch both creative brain and skill set.

Participation is free, and open to all. Members may access Ed Video equipment to complete their projects.

• One challenge per week
• Finished videos will be very short
• Videos may be shot on whatever technology you have available
• No meetings (maybe we’ll do one celebratory meetup at the end)
• No cost to participate
• A Vimeo account will be necessary for this. You can register for an account at no cost. Once you’ve signed up, please follow Ed Video from this link: will be shared online. You will be asked to sign up for a Vimeo account (free) to include your videos
• Videos will be based on some kind of technical or thematic concept. 


Play Proposition II, Week One: It happened in the snow

This is a thematic proposition with technical considerations.

"It happened in the snow”. What happened? Well, that’s up to you. Create a video up to one minute long that tells a story based on this theme, shoot something more abstract, or experiment with a technique.

Shooting in the snow can be tough if you are trying to achieve a proper exposure for both your subject and the snow.

The video can be a maximum of sixty seconds.

When you are done, upload your video to Vimeo and email with the link.

Please set the privacy setting on the video so that it can be shared in an album. Don’t forget to check out other videos in the album and provide feedback.

Submissions for week one are due by 3pm on January 15th, 2014.