The Play Proposition III


Experiment. Learn. Develop.

August 6th to September 24th, 2015 

What is the Play Proposition?
The Play Proposition is a series of weekly low-investment short video projects that will help to expand your creative mind, skill-set, and maybe even your portfolio. A new project challenge will be released each Thursday, and project participants will have until Wednesday of the following week to submit a completed short based on the criteria of the challenge.

These projects are designed to be achievable in 1 hour or less each week. Participants can work on projects for as much time as they'd like to, but the idea here is that even busy people can take part. Participants can use whatever equipment they have at their disposal, which means the cost can be nil.

At the end, participants will have created up to 8 new works which they will share with other participants in the program for feedback, technique-talk and appreciation.

Participation is free, and open to all. Producer members may access some Ed Video equipment to complete their projects.

Vital Information
• One challenge per week
• Finished videos will be very short 
• Videos may be shot on whatever technology you have available
• No meetings (maybe we’ll do one celebratory meetup at the end)
• No cost to participate
• A Vimeo account will be necessary for this. You can register for an account at no cost. Once you’ve signed up, please follow Ed Video from this link: Videos will be shared online. You will be asked to sign up for a Vimeo account (free) to include your videos
• Videos will be based on some kind of technical or thematic concept. 

This week's Proposition (September 25th to October 2nd)

Play Proposition 3.8

Blurred Lines


This week’s proposition can be both thematic and technical.

Create something that engages your audience by blurring the line between fiction and reality, using either technical or storytelling techniques. Videos should be no longer than 3 minutes.

Submit your completed work by October 2nd

Submit your video to


Past Propositions 
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