The Play Proposition IV 

Experiment. Learn. Develop.

May 19th to June 16th, 2017

What is the Play Proposition?
A weekly series of very short video projects that will help to expand your creative mind, skill-set, and maybe even your portfolio.
A new project challenge will be released each Friday, and project participants will have until Thursday of the following week to submit a completed short based on the criteria of the challenge.

These projects are designed to be achievable in 1 hour or less each week. Participants can work on projects for as much time as they'd like to, but the idea here is that even busy people can take part. Participants can use whatever equipment they have at their disposal, which means the cost to take part can be nil.

At the end, participants will have created up to 5 new works which they will share with other participants in the program for feedback, technique-talk and appreciation. Depending on how many people take part and contribute, we may cap off the series with a screening event.

Participation is free, and open to all. Producer members may access some Ed Video equipment to complete their projects.

Vital Information
• One challenge per week
• Finished videos will be very short 
• Videos may be shot on whatever technology you have available
• No meetings (maybe we’ll do one celebratory meetup at the end)
• No cost to participate
• A Vimeo account will be necessary for this. You can register for an account at no cost. Once you’ve signed up, please follow Ed Video from this link: https://vimeo.com/edvideo Videos will be shared online. You will be asked to sign up for a Vimeo account (free) to include your videos.
• Videos will be based on some kind of technical or thematic concept. 


Play Proposition IV Week 01

Rebel Rebel

This week’s proposition is all about breaking rules. From technical to theory, film and video making are filled with rules. Some of these rules are dictated to us by instructors or ‘masters of the medium’, some are peer-pressure, and some are self-imposed.

This week your job is to break a rule, break it hard, and break it well.

Which rule? That’s up to you. Cross the axis. Shoot out of focus. Don’t level your tripod head. Use a flamboyant star wipe. Leave your interview question in an edit. Write expository dialogue. Make a comedy about something that has no business being funny. Reappropriate footage. 

Any and all breakable rules are at your disposal. Have fun with breaking the rule of your choice, and try to break it well.


  • Break at least one ‘rule’. 
  • Videos can be 1 frame to 3 minutes in length
  • Capture on any device capable of recording video/audio
  • Upload your video to Vimeo (or YouTube) by Thursday May 25th at 5pm, and send the link to me. *Vimeo is preferable 
  • If sharing to Vimeo, make sure you go into the settings and select “Add it to Collections”