The Play Proposition V

Experiment. Learn. Develop.
Upcoming Session
Propositions will be issued on January 18th, January 25th, February 1st, and February 8th, 2018
Participants are asked to commit to completing all four propositions.
To take part in the fifth and final Play Proposition, contact
What is the Play Proposition?
A weekly series of very short video projects that will help to expand your creative mind and skill set.
A new project challenge will be released each week, and project participants will have until Thursday of the following week to submit a video based on the criteria of the challenge.

These projects are designed to be achievable in 2 to 3 hours per week (or more, if you want), using whatever video equipment you already have at your disposal.

At the end, participants will have created up to 4 new works which they will share with other participants in the program for feedback, technique-talk and appreciation. 

Participation is free, and open to all. Producer members may access some Ed Video equipment at no cost to complete their projects*.


Vital Information
• One challenge per week
• Finished videos will be very short 
• Videos may be shot on whatever technology you have available
• All communication regarding the program will occur over email (no meetings)
• No cost to participate
• A YouTube or Vimeo account will be necessary to submit and share videos
• Videos will be based on some kind of technical or thematic concept. 


* Equipment access is limited to a one day rental, and may only be used for the purpose of creating a project for the Play Proposition.