Waterloo-Wellington Filmmakers Assembly III

October 25th, 2015 from 1 pm to 4 pm
Free. There is still space available. If you have not registered for a ticket please join us.

Ed Video will be hosting the third official assembly of film and media makers from the Wellington and Waterloo regions. This event will bring together professional and ambitious content creators for a day of networking, skill sharing, project sharing, and chances to learn more about taking our projects to the next level. The day will end with a social gathering fueled by refreshments.
We are still organizing the list of speakers for this event.
You may only register for your own ‘ticket’. This event will be held in Ed Video’s location at 404 York Road in Guelph, and is open to the general public. While the event is focused on supporting filmmakers from the Wellington and Waterloo regions, it is open to anyone regardless of where they live. 

The speakers list is subject to change, but currently includes:

- Carol Ann Whalen of MPGO will be present to speak about the work of the Media Producers Group of Ontario
- Director Zach Ramelan will speak about the making of "Dead Rush”, a film shot in POV
- Sound Designer and Editor George Flores will talk about the value added by quality post-sound work, and how filmmakers can prepare for it
- Director Lyndon Horsfall and Duncan Finnigan will talk about the making of their project "Kitchener Sync
Mary Lalonde and Eliza Crosland will speak about the making of their webseries "Savvy Spinster does the Cinema" 
- Francis Coral Melon will speak about building a production team with complementing characteristics 
Daniel Robinson will speak about the process of making 'Nestor', a full-length film entirely on his own as a director, actor and editor (as well as all other roles and crew positions). 
- Ed Video and the Commons Studio will run a short presentation on the resources that are available through the two centres



Past speakers have included: 
  • Kate Vollum from the National Film Board spoke about the NFB and the Filmmaker Assistance Program
  • Nathan Schwartz spoke about BravoFact funding as well as their support for female filmmakers in 2015
  • Tim Hutchison, cinematographer on the film "Extraction Day"
  • Matthew Ninaber of High Rise Studio spoke about "Extraction Day"
  • The Toronto International Film Festival provided amazing insight into the film selection process.
  • Steadicam Operator Mitch Mommaerts presented on motion in film
  • Oscar-nominated producer Erin Young spoke about producing and touring "Music from the Big House”.
  • Nick Montgomery, editor. spoke about what it took to turn the feature "Antisocial 2” around in 15 days.
  • Torin Langen spoke about being a Director on "Late Night Double Feature"
  • Gabriel Carrer spoke about making "The Demolisher”,  a ‘big budget’ film without the big budget.
  • Producer and director Jason Armstrong, of Skeleton Key Entertainment, spoke about crowdfunding
  • Duncan Finnigan spoke about pulling together the 12 Angry Filmmaker collective.
  • Peter Henderson of the Bookshelf Cinema, spoke about how filmmakers can work with indie cinemas.
  • Peter Szabo, producer and director, shared his experience in film
  • Reese Eveneshen, is a writer, director and occasionally an actor shared his experience as a filmmaker.
  • Michael Del Monte shared his tale of creating the full-length film "Transcend” 
  • Chad Archibald spoke about his adventures as the founder of Black Fawn Films
  • Berlin Shorts
  • Grand River Film Festival