Weekend Film Challenge

August 24th to August 27th
Begins at 6pm on Friday
Participants have until 6pm on Sunday to submit their finished works
Participation is free
Register for this event by sending an email to angus@edvideo.org before August 21st.
Over the course of a single weekend, participants will be tasked with creating a short film, doc, script or video essay from scratch based on a theme or criteria.
Film challenges are a fun way for novices to try their hands at making a video, and for experienced pros to shake off some rust and spend a day or two making something solely for the fun of it. These events are a way to try new techniques, practice with equipment and connect with other video makers.
How does a film challenge work?
Before the event
Interested parties should register ASAP, and start putting together a team. There is no limit to team size for this competition, but it's generally a good idea to have a small creative team (3 or 4 people) and a handful of people to perform in the video. Before the competition begins, discuss who will take on which production roles (eg. camera, editing, directing, etc), and make sure you have the equipment that you'll need.
The event weekend 
The film challenge will officially launch at Ed Video at 6pm on Friday August 24th. All teams are encouraged to attend the launch, but we will also broadcast the launch as a live feed on Facebook for those who can't attend. There is something about attending the launch that adds to the excitement of participating! 
At the launch, we will briefly discuss the 'rules' of the competition, and then reveal the theme and/or criteria on which the plot of the films should be based. The theme/criteria are meant to give participants a creative starting point for their video, and ensure that everyone is participating on a somewhat even playing field. It's also interesting to see how a variety of people will uniquely implement the same criteria.
The launch will last approximately 20 minutes, and then teams will rush out to get started. All competitors will have up to 48 hours to complete their video, but some may only take a few hours. There is no minimum time commitment.
After the launch, teams (or individuals, for those of you who are going to work solo) will get to work to write the script or plot for their film. The idea of a film challenge is that participants should create something entirely new (eg. no preconcieved plot points or scene ideas), basing their film on the theme/criteria. In past challenges, our most successful teams have usually kept their plot simple, incorporated the challenge criteria well. Most importantly, they usually completed their scripts or outlines quickly (eg. over drinks after the launch) so that they had lots of time to prepare for filming, have ample time to film, and then enough time for editing.
Tip: There isn't enough time to complete the perfect script, film in dozens of locations, pull of complex effects, etc. Keep it simple, do what you can as well as you can, and make something imperfect that you can still be happy with.
Participants are encouraged to work in whatever format they'd like to. Fiction, docs, drama, horror, video essays, or even script format. Our goal is to encourage people to create new things. What you create is up to you. 
For the most part, the films and videos created in these challenges are fun or interesting within the context of the challenge. Few teams achieve cinematic brilliance, and that's OK. The point is to be creative and have some fun in a supportive environment. Occasionally, teams will create something awesome that goes on to play in festivals, win awards, or help them build a career. 
Submitting finished films 
Films can be delivered in-person at 6pm on Sunday evening at Ed Video, or submitted online (eg. downloadable from Google drive) by 6pm on Sunday.
Details are still TBA, but there will be a screening of the finished videos in the week following the challenge (possibly in the evening of Sunday the 27th). The screening event may include content which some parents may feel isn't suitable for their children.
- The challenge is open to Ed Video members as well as the general public (within Southern Ontario).
- There is no cost to participate or to attend the screening event.
- Teams should be primarily composed of people aged 13 and older. It is OK to include one of your kids in the production of the film, cast a child in a role, etc, but otherwise this event is generally intended for teens and adults. 
- There is no minimum or maximum for team size.
- There are no rules about 'foul language', sexuality, etc. Your video can be PG or R. 
- There are rules about basic decency. Ed Video strives to be an inclusive centre for all people, and we won't screen any films or videos which are vechicles for hate speech, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. In cases where such content occurs unintentionally, the videomakers will be consulted and may be given the chance to remove the content in question before the screening event. Please consider the content you include in your film.
- Finished videos can be up to 6 minutes in length (including credits, which aren't required). There is no minimum length.
- Submit by 6pm. That means 6pm. Late entries may be played at the screening event, but won't be included in competition.
- Any level of production equipment is allowed. Make your film with an Arri Alexa, cellphone, or video-enabled potato. Your choice.
- Submit your film as an H.264 or similar file type. We have to be able to play it without downloading software, codecs, etc. 
- There will be some casual form of competition in this challenge. We'll likely have a jury award and an audience choice award. Prizes will be modest. Do it for the glory!