Wellington-Waterloo Filmmakers Assembly I (2014)

October 25th, 2014 from 12 pm to 6 pm
Free. Register before October 25th by emailing angus@edvideo.org. Space is very limited!!
Ed Video will be hosting our first ever official assembly of film and media makers from the Wellington and Waterloo regions. This event will bring together professional and ambitious content creators for a day of networking, skill sharing, project sharing, and chances to learn more about taking our projects to the next level. The day will end with a social gathering fueled by refreshments courtesy of Wellington Brewery.

You may only register for your own ‘ticket’. This event will be held in Ed Video’s new location at 404 York Road in Guelph, and is open to the general public. While the event is focused on supporting filmmakers from the Wellington and Waterloo regions, it is open to anyone regardless of where they live. 

The day will be composed of "Ted Talk” style speakers, skill demonstrations, information from professional associations, and panel discussions. 


It almost goes without saying that the list of presenters is "subject to change”.
Oscar-nominated producer Erin Young will speak about her experience in planning, promoting and executing the independent cinema tour of Bruce McDonald’s "Music from the Big House”.
Nick Montgomery, who is a bona fide jack-of-all-trades, has been the editor on a number of Black Fawn Films’ productions. He’ll speak about what it took to turn "Antisocial 2” around in 15 days.
Torin Langen is an up-and-coming director who recently made the leap from short films to his first full-length film "Late Night Double Feature”. He’ll talk about what he learned in the process.
TheToronto International Film Festival will be sending one of their programmers to speak about what is involved in the selection process of a major festival. This is an amazing chance to hear insight right from the inside!
Gabriel Carrer, one of the region’s foremost indie producers and directors, will talk about his experience in the making of his current project "The Demolisher”, and how he’s making a ‘big budget’ film without the big budget.
Producer and director Jason Armstrong, of Skeleton Key Entertainment, will talk to us about that most interesting but awkward of topics: crowdfunding. He’ll share some tips, and discuss where it might be headed.
Duncan Finnigan isn’t just a film director, he’s a film activator. Over the last year, Finnigan has been behind the energetic and impressive "12 Angry Filmmaker” collective in Kitchener. He’ll talk about what they’ve been doing, and the act of creating a community.
Peter Henderson is the manager and booker of the Bookshelf Cinema, Guelph’s independent cinema. He’ll speak about how the industry is changing, and how indie filmmakers can work with independent cinemas to get their films out their.
Peter Szabo, producer and director, will offer some sobering advice, and share some inconvenient truths about the financing and production of full-length films.
Reese Eveneshen, is a writer, director and occasionally an actor. He’ll speak about his experience as an indie filmmaker.
Documentary filmmaker Michael Del Monte’s tale of creating the full-length film "Transcend” is one worth hearing, from how the story evolved in ways he could never imagine, to how he found himself working alongside one of Hollywood’s powerhouse producers.
Chad Archibald is the founder of Black Fawn Films, and one of the hardest working filmmakers in Canada's indie film scene. He'll speak about all the awesome things Black Fawn has been up to this year, as well as what is coming up.
The day will end with a completely unstructured networking period, fueled by food and refreshment. Materials submitted for the "screening room” will be viewable at this time.