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Respond to any posting with due caution and inquiry. Ed Video does not have the resources to verify each request we receive.


Call For Videographer/Editor (posted August 11th)

I am looking for an enthusiastic novice video maker to make a short video for a web site I am panning on getting built. The pay is 20.00 per hour plus expenses (expenses would have to be agreed on beforehand).

You would have to be available on September 24th 2016.

We would like you to take a short video during and before our auction. Then we would like it edited afterwards. We would also like some photos taken, before and during the auction – also to put on the webpage. It would not be necessary to be at the event for the whole day but for sure between the hours of 2 and 8 pm.  The auction is in Guelph.

If you are interested please call Linda Kenny 403-869-3764


Call For Volunteer Videomaker (posted July 15th)


 Hendrik Varju is looking for a camera operator who can shoot for 5 to 6 days during the week of December 12th for woodworking videos: . "These are shot on equipment that I rent from Ed Video. We shoot with one camera only and I rent all the equipment, such as the camera, tripod, wireless mic and lights. The only thing you need to supply is the Mac computer to take the video files off the memory cards. After the shoot, everything will be handed off to someone else to do all the editing work. I also need you to take a couple of still shots of me for the DVD covers using your own camera and flash if you have one.

The shoot will involve 10 hour days: 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. with a one hour lunch break. I provide lunch each day as well as coffee or other drinks and snacks throughout the day. My budget is $200 per day. I can guarantee you a full 5 days of work, but you need to make yourself available for a 6th day in case it is needed. The shoot will run from Monday morning until Friday night, or Saturday night if required. The goal is to be efficient and work well together.

A prior knowledge of woodworking is not required, but you must be proficient in the use of the camera. You must be able to deal with audio levels appropriately, as well as have experience positioning the lighting for good effect without unacceptable shadows. The video work itself is not complex, though the camera is repositioned frequently to get different angles. I, myself, have done this with other camera operators 11 times already (once each year for 11 years), so there is a certain groove to get into. As long as you have a reasonable level of experience with lighting, camera and audio, and a good attitude about putting out quality work, this project may be for you. There is an opportunity as well that this could result in more work on an annual basis for as long as I continue to produce these videos.

Please contact me at if you have the skills and wish to do the work."


Looking for help?

Ed Video can be a great place to make connections with cast, crew, artists, video producers and technical help.
As an artist-run centre, we encourage the fair treatment of skilled artists, and that includes making sure that the services they may provide are respected and (whenever possible) financially compensated at a reasonable rate.

Before submitting your call for help, please consider the time, cost and energy video and media makers have invested in the development of their skills. The amount any individual video or media artist may charge for their work will vary, and some may even be willing to provide their services at no cost for projects or groups they believe in.
If you are seeking a volunteer videographer/media artist, please be prepared to compensate them (at minimum) for their equipment costs, travel expenses, media costs (DVD copies), etc. Never expect a volunteer to pay out of their own pocket to help you!
Artists should always be paid for assisting commercially-oriented projects.

To send us your call for help, please answer the following questions as briefly as possible. Calls should be less than two paragraphs and include full contact information. Submit two weeks (or more) before the date your project takes place.

Project:(name of your project and/or organization)
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Project Type:(short film, PSA, documentary, etc)
Paid or Volunteer?:
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