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Cost of Living - Sound Recordist Needed

  • Project: "Cost of Living", short, dark comedy film
  • Crew Needed: Sound Recordist (paid position)
  • Date: Saturday, April 22, 2017 (one full day shoot)
  • Location: Mississauga, ON
  • Contact:

The Plagiarism of Naught  - Crew Call!

Opal Theatre Creations is presently looking for (to start with) a Director of Photography/Camera Operator and a First Assistant Director/Production Manager for its upcoming project, set to start shooting the middle to end of April and concluding the beginning of May.  The four actors involved in the project are all union members and rehearsals have already begun as the scripts are heavily actor driven. Two of the three scripts are available to read online, a link will be provided below.  

The Plagiarism of Naught is a three part series of one scene one location two actor short films written, directed and featuring Guelphite and ACTRA member Shaun McComb.   

A note from Shaun McComb: 

I have a long history of working primarily in the professional theatre world and a shorter resume of being on set as an ACTRA member for over a decade playing actor and principal roles on union sets.  In the theatre though I have been active in every stage of development multiple times; from the conception of idea, to creation, to writing, to production - directing and acting, so this seems a bit daunting, moving that process into film. So filling these two roles are vitally important to me, I want to build a solid crew as I already have with the actors, which as I mentioned I am very excited to introduce.  

This project feels like a quest for me.  I took nearly two years off working professionally to deal with a health concern, that is of concern no longer and so The Plagiarism of Naught carries some gutty weight for me. I write this in hopes of reassurance that at no point in the process will anything or anyone’s assistance, expertise and time be taken for granted.  This truly is a love project.   

Here are the LOGLINEs for each of the films:  


Joe, a guilt ridden recovered crackhead still living the hobo life, sits in a disgusting alley way with his only friend, Keith, a full blown junkie yet an anomaly of intelligence and gift. As they crassly deliberate and dispute the life of skid row, details previously unshared of their respective pasts are revealed.  The shame of the tragic events of the fallout of Joe’s marriage and why he still confines himself to a life of homelessness becomes intertwined with Keith’s subservient prison of opiate addiction. Amongst the dinge two friends must choose between redemption or revenge. 


Tinder.  She swiped him.  He swiped her.  The breezy sarcastic hair-stylist Victoria meets James, an office worker desperately wanting to burst his bubble of dead end dullness, at a hip bar to explicitly make plans for a one night. But through absurd connective conversation have they found… love?   


A down and out defence attorney, Gregory Portolli, for the first time meets with his client, Ferguson, a wily and charismatic professor of a mysterious private college who is out on bail and facing charges for the Counselling and Aiding Suicide of 16 of his former students.  With students and alumni deliberately ranging in ages from 18 to 22 Ferguson makes the promise to his new attorney to hold back nothing. As Ferguson hands over scattered registrarial records Gregory finds evidence of a personal connection to the case that sheds light on his own family of origin’s collapse years prior and also implicates his own involvement with the charges at hand.  While maintaining his duty as an attorney at law Gregory must fight against taking instinctive actions of destruction and contemplate the professors evocative charm. 

To view and read the scripts follow this link:


  • Each film is to be shot over a two to three day shoot period, 6-8 hours max.  
  • This is a passion project and although Opal Theatre wishes to offer a specific compensation figure for talents and time, there will be a retroactive agreement that will be offered so that if this project as a whole or in part is of a quality enough to enter into contests or festivals, or is shown at any point and generates a profit of any kind there will be a profit share to all involved.  The books will be wide open for anyone on the team to see how money is spent and divided, if it comes to that. 
  • During shooting craft services will be available. (woo-whoo right?  But it’s something…)
  • The three other actors working on the project are seasoned professionals with long lists of credits on IMDB and are very recognizable in the Canadian Film and TV scene and are also very excited for this project, so for this email call out and the fact that this is indeed a passion project and they too are donating their time (for now), their anonymity is being respected until Opal (Shaun) can meet with those interested in filling out the crew.  But it is guaranteed you will be working with high quality talent. 


DP/Camera Operator:

  • Ability to read a script and have an interpretive and articulate vision for the overall feeling of the script
  • Ability to create a shot list with the director for a one location shoot
  • Strong knowledge of camera usage, and ability to set up shots quickly and use of steady cam equipment - which camera(s) that are to be used will be of the DP’s choice.  Ed Video’s stock will be available or if DP owns a high definition camera of choice a small rental fee will be available for the instrument
  • Ability to have play back of takes available on set without disrupting the flow of shooting too much
  • ***Assist with filling out the rest of the guerrilla crew with trustworthy and awesome people - I always find it is best to work with people you have a history with
  • A PASSION FOR THE PROJECT - please take the time to read the scripts

First AD/Project Manager: 

  • This position will be much like a Stage Manager’s position in the theatre
  • Ability to assist the director and DP on set, and as the director is featured as an actor in each film take charge of the set when rolling
  • Experience with being on set is an asset but not necessary
  • Assist the director with the preparatory process including communicating with the actors, budgeting, and overall admin procedures
  • ***Assist with filling out the rest of the guerrilla crew with trustworthy and awesome people - I always find it is best to work with people you have a history with
  • Honestly, this role encompasses many things and needs someone with a love of film, love of people, love of organization and hopefully a love of the scripts so that as this position morphs as the projects develops from rehearsal to editing, whoever fills this role will have the ability to adapt and change with compassion and understanding

Opal Theatre Creations appreciates any and all interested in filling these roles. If you want to assist in the project outside of these two listed jobs - we will definitely need it - please contact Opal as well through our contact page.  We’ll get back to you asap.

To view and read the scripts follow this link:

If you are interested in coming on board or have further questions please email me directly with a brief note and introduction: or through the contact page on the website. 

Any and all interest are welcomed.

The City of Guelph is looking for proposals for their Artist in Residence program

The full call is here:


call from the Guelph Museum...
Guelph 190: History@Night Party will celebrate Guelph’s 190th birthday with history and art activations in downtown Guelph from 9 PM April 22 to 1 AM April 23.

We are “breaking down” the museum walls, extending activities and installations to the streets of Guelph for a free event aimed at creating opportunities to connect, explore and engage with history in unique ways.

Historians and artists are encouraged to participate by providing exhibitions, demonstrations and activities that explore Guelph’s history and identity through themes of reconciliation, immigration, landscape, culture, and innovation. Preference will be given to residents of the City of Guelph and Wellington County. A jury, formed by Guelph Museums, will select the featured installations.

The deadline for applications is March 19.

Call for Submissions details and application form are available at

Third Space Gallery invites artists to submit proposals for our 2018 programming season. Third Space continues to operate as an itinerant artist-run centre in Saint John, New Brunswick; encouraging artists to submit proposals for projects that need not exist within a traditional gallery space. The selections committee, comprised of Third Space members will give priority to project proposals that are off-site, site-specific, or site-less. Third Space is open to proposals for short term, long term, as well as curated projects. Deadline March 15

 Koba Konesavarathan is seeking subjects for Cultural Diversity Interviews
The message below is from Koba. Please contact Koba directly if interested.
"With the in-kind support of the Ed Video Media Arts Centre, we are able to showcase the diverse cultures in Guelph by producing a video documentary. Our goal is to provide every interested cultural group in Guelph with the opportunity to portray and promote their culture in the best possible way they could think of.

We are inviting the interested people from every cultural group in Guelph to participate in an interview between March 10 and March 13. The preparation work or rehearsals may have to be done before the actual interview will be recorded. We will be taking a complete interview from you. After that, we will be identifying common themes in the interviews of our diverse cultural groups to put them together in a documentary.

Our target audience include people from the mainstream culture. Therefore, we will be looking for ways to draw parallels with the mainstream culture in order to make it interesting to them. We are planning to submit this documentary to local film festivals, therefore we will be aiming to produce a documentary, which is of good quality and attractive to everyone regardless of their cultural barriers.

More than everything else, we want to receive your suggestions and feedback to help you promote your cultures in the best possible way.   

Looking forward to working with the interested people!


 Contact at or 226-500-1926" 
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If you are seeking a volunteer videographer/media artist, please be prepared to compensate them (at minimum) for their equipment costs, travel expenses, media costs (DVD copies), etc. Never expect a volunteer to pay out of their own pocket to help you!
Artists should always be paid for assisting commercially-oriented projects.

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