Ed Video is Guelph's Artist-Run Centre


OUR MISSION/MANDATE: As a charitable artist-run centre, our mission is to foster the creation, exhibition, and appreciation of media arts.

OUR VISION: Ed Video is a leader in the creation, promotion, and appreciation of independent media art in Canada. Ed Video is an inclusive and innovative educational centre that supports artists and diverse communities in all aspects of media arts. Ed Video exists to instigate and enable the creation and exhibition of independent media arts. Anyone can become a member, take part in workshops and events, or rent equipment.
Since 1976, we have helped members create video-based projects that represent the diversity, spirit and viewpoints of the people in our region. We achieve this by offering skill-enriching workshops at a variety of experience levels and renting video production equipment at rates that are affordable for users at all levels.
Ed Video creates lasting links between artists, audiences, and organizations in our role as an established cultural centre in a city renowned for being vibrant with creativity. Above all, Ed Video is committed to the Educational potential that video has for creators and viewers, young and old, and promoting the control and comprehension of contemporary video-based art.
Contrary to what our name suggests, Ed Video does not serve only video artists. Our membership explores the creative potentials of many forms of art, including: film, sound art, installation, and new media.

There has never been a better time to get involved with Ed Video.

Our charitable registration number is: 12750 7226 RR0001