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Annual General Meeting
June 27, 2021 7:00pm
404 York Road, Guelph, ON
or Virtually



1) Call to Order

2) Approval of the Agenda

3) Approval of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting July 20th, 2020

4) President’s Report

5) Ratifying the actions of the Board of Directors for the past year

6) Receipt of the Audited Statements

7) Approval of the Auditor for the coming year

8) Election of Officers

9) Awarding of Honorary Life Memberships

10) Presentation of the Kenny Doren Award

11) Adjournment

Annual Policy Meeting
June 27, 2021
Immediately following the AGM


1)  Call to Order 

2)  Approval of the Minutes of the Annual Policy Meeting, July 20, 2020 

3)  Executive Director’s Report

 4)  Review of the information pertaining to Project 404 

5)  Thank you to Volunteers

 6)  Approval of the Budget for the coming year 

7)  Confirmation of Membership Dues

 8)  Directions for the coming year

 9)  Adjourn

Meeting Materials:
Form to Assign Proxy, 2021

Call for New Members of the Board of Directors 

Information package and Expression of Interest

Code of Conduct

Proxy: If you can't make it to the meeting please send us a proxy. A member may only hold only one proxy, so please contact to make sure your designate is not already holding a proxy and to submit your proxy.



All participants at our Annual General Meeting are invited to show off their favourite virtual backgrounds for a chance to win an Ed Video membership and free weekend rental package! Wether you have a great photo or video to use, or want to make something entirely new, we want to see your creativity!
The winner will be selected by a vote conducted during the AGM.

Don't know how to set up a virtual background in Zoom? Visit for more info.