In a non-profit, charitable organization such as Ed Video a solid committee structure is necessary to ensure the growth, development, and future of the centre.

The committee structure is intended to develop organically, and currently is comprised of five permanent member-based committees. As these committees develop their strengths and scope, new, more specialized committees will be struck to take-on new roles as required. Further, from time to time ad-hoc committees may be formed to tackle specific issues.

The committee structure is as follows:

Programming and Membership Committee

The Programming and Membership Committee has the mandate of:

  • Policy development

  • Assisting with objectives for programming

  • Membership development

  • Special projects concerning cultural equity issues

  • Member activities

  • Membership policies

  • Workshop development

  • Composed of members, board representatives and staff

The Programming and Membership Commitee is facilitated by Scott McGovern.


Properties/Building Committee

The Properties Committee has the mandate of:

  • Equipment planning

  • Facility upgrades

  • Composed of membership, board representative, and staff

Meetings for the Properties/Building Committee are facilitated by Scott McGovern.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee has the mandate of:

  • Fundraising initiatives

  • Setting yearly fundraising goals

  • Soliciting corporate and foundation sponsorships

  • Launching fundraisers for acquisitions (ie. new equipment, facility upgrades)

  • Will be composed of members, board representatives, and staff

  • Will meet monthly

Meetings for the Fundraising Committee are facilitated by Liz Dent.


Cultural Equity Committee

The Cultural Equity Committee has the mandate of:

  • providing and maintaining an inclusive media arts production, education, and presentation environment.

  • creating an environment free of discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age or class, by its employees, members, volunteers, or Board of Directors.

  • supporting artists in building self‑determined cultural contexts for video production, development, and artistic expression.

Meeting of the Cultural Equity Committee are facilitated by Liz Dent.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee has the mandate of:

  • Board nominations: assembles applications for board membership, preparing slate (if applicable), distributing nominee information prior to and at AGM, and facilitating the election process.

  • Composed of members and board representatives

  • Will meet twice a year prior to the AGM

Meeting of the Nominations committee are facilitated by a board member not running in the election. Please contact the board to participate in this committee.