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Ed Video is a small organization with a big heart and we are incredibly grateful to you for taking us into yours and being one of our supporters, members or even just newsletter readers.
This year for our year-end fundraising campaign we are working to raise $10,000 by December 31st.
We don’t always have a goal like that, but like many arts organization, we are facing consequences as direct result of the swift and severe funding cuts by the provincial government. We lost a portion of our promised revenue, but also a promised increase we were so proud of, and had budgeted into our multi-year plans. This fundraising goal is specifically to support operations, like rent and wages, for January, February and March. It's hard to have 2020 vision when operations are struggling.

This last year has been particularly busy as we ran workshops, production activities, and exhibitions. Our members have created over 300 works. Works have travelled through our own exhibitions and by our support of artists across Canada and around the world to shows in Stockholm, Helsinki, Athens and Barcelona. We have informally hosted an artist residency and are working out the logistics of a formalized program to help artist in the areas of technology they need to complete projects and prepare them for exhibition.
Since 1976, we have helped members
  • create over 6,300 independent productions that represent the diversity, spirit and viewpoints of the people in our region and
  • produced over 2,500 exhibitions. We achieved this by offering skill-enriching workshops at a variety of experience levels,
  • provided over 40,000 hours of hands-on instruction and renting video production equipment at rates that are affordable for users at all levels.
We appreciate any help you can give us with any of these activities. Your donation can ensure we offer production grants to emerging film makers, research and support the exhibition of the next new technology, or bring to reality a vision long-dreamed of. However you choose to participate,  through your support you will be empowering the cultural voice of Canadians.
We’d love to see you if you prefer to give in person, but you can also donate online through the form below or mail us a cheque at our address below.

Thank you for supporting Ed Video and opening your heart and your wallet to the 100s of artists who are working to tell their unique story through Ed Video.


 You can mail a cheque to us at:

Ed Video Media Arts Centre
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Guelph, ON
N1E 3H4


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