Ed Video's Catch the Ace Progressive Lottery!


Tickets available now at:

  • Ed Video office, 404 York Rd, Guelph.
  • 10 Carden, 42 Carden St, Guelph
  • The Beat Goes On, 23 Wellington St E, Guelph
  • Dino's Athletic Direct, 21 Wyndham St N, Guelph
  • Little Short Stop, 666 Woolwich location
  • Luxury Pawn, 77 Macdonell St, Guelph
  • Matthew's Barbershop, 24 Macdonell St Guelph
  • The Mortgage Centre, 125 Norfolk St.
  • Homelife Power Realty, 1027 Gordon St.

Tickets are $10 cash only.

Draws will be held Saturdays at 11:30 am. 

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For Ed Video's annual fundraising effort, we are holding a Catch the Ace lottery. Fundraising helps support our workshop and production programs. Catch the Ace has a guaranteed, weekly cash winner AND one jackpot winner at the end of the lottery. Ed Video earns 50% of all ticket sales which will improve our services to the community.


Here’s how the lottery works:


  1. Each card from a complete deck of 52 playing cards is placed in a separate envelope. The 52 envelopes are sealed and randomly numbered from 1 to 52 for the progressive jackpot draw.
  2. You buy a ticket for $10, fill out your name and contact info, and choose an envelope number between 1 and 52.
  3. Each week, one ticket stub is randomly drawn from the tickets sold only in that week.

    - If your name is on the stub, you win the weekly cash prize—a guaranteed 20% of the money from tickets sold that week.

    - Also, the envelope with the number from the ticket stub is opened. If that envelope contains any card except the Ace of Spades, 30% of the money raised from that week’s ticket sales goes into the Jackpot.

  4. When the Ace of Spades is drawn from the envelope, the Jackpot is awarded to that week’s winning ticketholder and the lottery is  over. For example, if the Ace of Spades was opened in the 6th week, then 6 weeks of accumulated jackpot money would be given to that week’s winner and the lottery would end. If tickets sales go well then that could be $200 for the weekly prize and $2,500 for the jackpot. The longer the lottery goes, the larger the jackpot prize.
  5. For every ticket sold, Ed Video gets half the money. So it really helps us a lot if you buy a ticket.


WEEK 1 Winner: Jamie Doran, envelope chosen #17, which contained the Jack of Hearts

WEEK 2 Winner: Peter Szabo, envelope chosen #8, which contained the 8 of Hearts.

WEEK 3 Winner: Dan Evans, envelope chosen # 44 which contained the Queen of spades

WEEK 4 Winner: Joy Sammy, envelope chosen #12 which contained the 6 of diamonds

Week 5 Winner: Amy Logan, envelope chosen  #45 which contained the 10 of Hearts. 

Week 6 Winner: GewTV, Envelope chosen was #43 which contained the King of Diamonds.

Week 7 Winner: Marva Wisdom, envelope chosen was #8 which has already been chosen, Marva chose higher, so envelope #9 was opened and it contained the King of Spades.

Week 8 winner: Lil Milanovich, envelope chosen was 22 which contained the Queen of Hearts.

Week 9 Winner: Irene and Peter Szabo, envelope chosen was 18 which contained the 3 of Hearts

Week 10 Winner: Janet Ragan, envelope chosen was 39 which contained the Queen of Clubs

Week 11 Winner: Martina Cotter, envelope chosen was 17 which is gone, Martina selected higher, and envelope 18 is also gone,so envelope 19 was opened and contained the 9 of Clubs

Week 12 Winner: Sandra Lastovic, envelope chosen was 25 which contained the King of Clubs

Week 13 Winner: Filomena Raposo, envelope chosen was 2, which contained the 6 of Clubs

Week 14 Winner: Ashley Dawe, envelope chosen was 7, which contained the 7 of Hearts

Week 15 Winner: Irene and Peter Szabo, envelope chosen was 28, which contained the 3 of Clubs

Week 16 Winner: Alberta Nye, envelope chosen was 11 which contained the 2 of Diamonds.

Week 17 Winner: Sue Lebrecht, envelope chosen was 23, which contained the 10 of Spades

Week 18 Winner: Christine Sinclair, envelope chosen was 36, which contained the 10 of Clubs



Catch the Ace Rules of Play (click for PDF)



Charitable registration #127507226RR0001

Lottery license number: M791565