Hi Liz,

You may not remember me, but I used to be a member at Ed Video roughly 8 years ago. I've been meaning to send an email to Ed Video to thank the organization and staff for helping me learn the basics of video production. I would like to give a special thanks to Angus, as at the time he was very helpful in teaching me editing, cinematography, and screen writing. I will always remember the time that I got my car towed while volunteering, that he comp'd me for the ticket, and even drove me to the lot my car was towed to aha, classic Angus right? I have since gone to school for Interactive Media Design and Production, which helped refine my skill in graphic and video design, but I will always give props to Ed Video for my only real video production education. I currently work in London, ON as a Video Production Coordinator at GoViral Inc.which is the home of Diply.com a site that creates viral content and distributes it all over the world.

Again, I cannot thank Ed Video and the great staff of past and present for their generosity, and knowledge!



Mike Simpson
Graphic and Video Designer

 (November 2, 2015)



My heartfelt thanks to all the staff at Ed Video for helping me realize this dream and for making it possible for people from all walks of life, regardless of their financial situation to learn new skills in the Media Arts. – Joan Hug-Valeriote

The staff and members at Ed Video educated me through formal workshops and informal mentoring. As a non-profit organization, Ed Video is seriously committed to helping artists realize their potential as media makers. – Peter Szabo

Having the assist(ance) of other video artists and people experienced in media production gave me the opportunity not only to learn about the industry, but work through some very difficult times in my life and have fun in the process. For that I pray and feel that Ed Video continue with great success. – Joseph Lazore

From equipment, training and even moral support over the years there’s no questioning that the Ed Video team is there for its members. They are always looking for new ways to build up their members and add value and are always fighting for funds to do so. Which just means they are always fighting for their members. How awesome is that? – Ed Mochrie

While larger cities can be spoiled with art and cultural diversity and a multitude of options, smaller cities like Guelph or Kitchener need artist-run organizations like Ed Video to keep the city unique, fun, and interesting as well as represent local artists and import talent from abroad.  Moreover, I have worked in the arts and cultural sector for more than 10 years in Canada and it’s safe to say that there is a lack of media and new media representation in Canada and especially in Ontario. Ed Video fulfills this need. This is why I think Ed Video is important. – Karie Liao

The amazing community created by the staff and membership of this organization made it possible to follow my dreams. – Mary Lalonde

I had a vision for a documentary but had no idea where or how to start. The wonderful staff at Ed Video guided me through the steps and taught me what I needed to know to proceed. As a woman and a senior I was hesitant to tackle something that sounded so complicated but with the help of Ed Video I have just completed my second documentary. – Alberta Nye

The equipment and knowledge base at this organization are deep and rich, and offer creative services un-paralleled in Southern Ontario. However, it’s the passion, commitment and dedication to community that truly sets them apart, - Sylvia Squire

I can thank them for more than my ability to take ideas and make them a reality. They have also taught me important lessons about the importance of art and community. I admire the staff, and revere the institution that is Ed Video. – Devin Smith

Year-round Ed Video does so much to support emerging artists and as Guelph’s only artist run centre, it is a hub of creativity and energy. – Brad McInerney

-movie making isn’t easy, it’s full of a bunch of technical hurdles that will make you want to throw your computer across the room and beat it with a baseball bat. But even when that happens, they’ll be there to help you through it, and will say literally, "give me your hard drive, I’ll play around with it to see what I can do”. Even though they probably also want to bash it with a baseball bat, but they are that awesome that they can restrain themselves and make it work after some time and tinkering. – Celene Haberkost

I feel that the existence of EdVideo in Guelph is truly influencing both the quality of media arts coming out of this town and the ability of artists to begin, and sustain, a practice. – Christine Kingsbury

Having Ed Video in my community offers me affordable training courses in media arts, access to equipment that can’t be obtained anywhere else in the city, and a venue to see contemporary media art. – Annie Dunning

The source of deep thinking about the history of media art in Canada; the place to see a fresh, experimental band; and a haven to create your own independent film: Ed Video is all these things. It is my favorite place in Guelph for art, ideas, and music. - Alissa Firth-Eagland

Ed Video has been a part of my life since it’s early days back in the last century. It was, and is a creative cauldron of experimentation and ground breaking work. It is very important for our culture to have places where there is no economic agenda. A place where artists are free to try anything for the sake of trying it. This is how we move forward sideways and outward in our cultural and creative work. Ed video has always been a champion of this. - Jeff Bird

Always welcoming, always insightful and always full of encouragement, the folks at Ed Video make me proud to call Guelph home. – Patrick Ciesler

ED Video is a unique and remarkable place that fosters and mentors local Guelph artists but keeps it’s lens focussed on a much bigger picture.
ED Video inspires, engages, educates and supports artists, it creates Community, Culture and Change (all with capital Cs). – Janet

And the art! Oh my, the ART! Ed Video’s artistic programming has always exceeded my expectations… and I am often disappointed and/or bored at art galleries so that’s saying a lot. – Rob Ring

Ed video empowers the cultural voice of Canadians, enables that voice to be heard not only locally and nationally but recently, due to our efforts to branch out, internationally. Ed Video has successfully taken the voice of Guelph to be heard all over the world. – Julie Rene de Cotret

Ed Video brings a much needed unique form of culture, education, and community to Guelph! – Laura

Ed Video is a vital cultural centre in Guelph that has fostered interdisciplinary practices and collaborations among musicians, dancers, writers, media and visual artists.  - Jenn E. Norton

Places like Ed Video who support artists as they build new skills are rare and essential. – Laura

Ed Video is always there for me in my moments of creative panic hits technical nonsense. Their knowledge and empathy mixed with creative support helps me create video installations. – Jim Riley

Being an artist in Guelph is a difficult thing, especially when you make contemporary work and have no interest in hawking paintings at a coffee shop. Ed Video is one of the oldest and one of the only places to exhibit contemporary art in Guelph in a non commercial setting. The support they provide and give to the community is invaluable. – James

While you can’t argue against the importance of healing the body and the mind, art heals the soul. And that last one is always hardest to do. Ed Video just makes it look easy. – Adam A. Donaldson

Ed Video also taught me technical skills that I never dreamed of having. Ed Video showed me that not only can I write, but I can direct, film and edit. – Faith Cameletti

EdVideo holds the keys to imagination for my generation, the current generation and for generations to come. I can think of no better or more important institution to support than one that offers such hope and opportunity, giving voice to all aspects of community. – Lindsay

The support I found at Ed Video is priceless. I owe much of my current happiness and success to them. The centre not only inspires and ignites a passion within people but it provides resources and technical training to support that interest. - Marko Cigliarev

Ed Video provides a culture of empowerment which enables their community members to expand their knowledge, connect with others, and provide the needed outlet from everyday stresses to create meaningful work. – Marleen Castellan

ED video is one of my favourite aspects of living in Guelph, and was even an influential part of choosing to live and work in Guelph. – Steve Miller

Ed is essential to this region, and to so many of the budding and established artists in it. – Marion Gruner