Rental Information and Procedure


Before booking
All members must complete training on designated equipment items. Schedule training sessions with Ed Video’s Production and Training Director. Staff will not book an item until the training session has been completed.
The member will be asked to demonstrate their ability to operate the item.
Sessions will last less than 30 minutes. There is no charge for a single 30 minute training session. Standard workshop rates will apply for longer sessions.
If another person will be operating the equipment on your behalf, they should also attend the session.
More experienced members can request a session solely to demonstrate their ability to operate the item.

Booking equipment
• All equipment must be booked with the Production & Training Director, unless otherwise noted by staff.
• Book by phone, email, or in-person during regular office hours, up to 8 weeks in advance.
• Members may not book equipment when they owe a balance for a previous rental.

Use of Ed Video’s equipment
• Members may only access equipment to work on non-members projects if they are the sole operator.
• Members may not rent equipment on behalf of another person, or give equipment to others to use.

Day of rental
• Members may pick up equipment between 3pm and 5pm on the scheduled pickup day.
• Members must inspect their rental to ensure that they have all necessary components.
• Members will be asked to set up/assemble and disassemble all items before taking them.
• Allow 15-30 minutes for the pickup process and payment.

Expected treatment of all rental items
• Do not apply any adhesive or markings on any equipment item without approval from staff.
• Never attempt to repair any equipment item for any reason.
• Brush or wipe any heavy dirt, residue, effect makeup, etc, off all equipment before returning.

Day of return
• Equipment must be returned by 12pm on the scheduled return date unless late return has been scheduled.
• Allow 10 minutes so we can check your return while you are present.
• If any component to an item is missing, the member will be charged for additional rental days.
• Rental privileges will be revoked if a late return affects another member’s booking.
• If you are more than three days late and haven’t contacted us, we may contact police.

In case of damage, loss, or theft
Members accept liability for the safety of the equipment they rent, as well as any costs not covered by insurance.
If equipment is stolen while in your care, you must:
• Immediately file a police report in the city where the theft occurred
• Contact Ed Video by phone or email (contact police first)
• Provide a copy of the police report to Ed Video within 2 days of the theft
• Pay for the insurance deductible (currently $1,000) or replacement if under $1,000 in value.
• If you fail to submit a police report, you will be responsible for the full replacement cost of the item.
• Ed Video will lay charges against any renter who claims theft but does not submit a police report/ or pay the full replacement cost, assuming that they have themselves stolen the equipment.

If equipment is lost, damaged or permanently marked while in your care, you must:
• Immediately notify Ed Video staff by phone or email
• Pay the full repair or replacement cost

Ed Video staff are happy to clarify any questions you may have about the above information.