Rental policy


1. All Members must complete appropriate training or submit proof of skill, as described in the Training Requirement Policy before being able to access equipment rentals. Ed Video staff will deny equipment access until determined requirements are met.

2.The Renter is responsible for returning all equipment in the condition in which they first rented it.

3.In the event of loss or theft, the Renter is responsible for the $1,000 insurance deductible, or the first $1000 in replacement. The Renter must inform Ed Video staff of the theft immediately and provide a copy of a police report immediately after filing, and at the nearest business hours of the centre. Please see Ed Video’s Reporting of Theft, Damage or Loss Policy.

4.In case of equipment damage, the Renter is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement at a minimum of $500, and up to $1,000.

5.Renter must report any loss, damage or malfunction of equipment to Ed Video’s technical staff immediately.

6.Ed Video will accept no liability for losses due to failure of equipment.

7.The Renter must ensure the safe delivery of the equipment to Ed Video. It is not acceptable to send the equipment via courier, bus, or post, unless prior arrangements have been made with staff to do so.

8.The Renter must return all equipment by 11 AM on the scheduled return date, or make appropriate arrangements with staff prior to return time. Late returns will result in late fees and penalties as follows:
a) 50% of daily rental rate for equipment returned after 12pm but before 5pm. 150% of daily rental rate per day for each calendar day that follows.
b) If the Renter fails to return the equipment on the scheduled return date, or if the late return interferes with another equipment booking, this will result in a 90 day suspension of rental access. A second offence will result in a 365 day suspension of rental access. The Renter will continue to have access to facility rentals and all other membership privileges.
c) Volunteer and Board Credits may not be applied to late fees.

9.If the Renter has outstanding fees owing to Ed Video, they will not be permitted to rent equipment until all fees are paid. The Renter may discuss this with staff to make arrangements.

10.In order to receive rental rates at the "A” or "C” level, the renter must complete a project description form. All rentals will be assumed to be "P” rate rentals until the description form is received.

Each full weekday of equipment use will be billed at the full day rate.
Equipment picked up and returned on the same day (before 3:00pm) will be billed as half (.5) of the day rate.
Weekend rentals (Friday afternoon to Monday morning) will be billed as 1 day
A full week rental (6 or 7 days) will be discounted and billed as 5 days.

Picking up equipment
Equipment may be picked up on the day prior to your booking between 3pm and 4:30pm, and must be returned by 11am on the day following your booking.
If you need to work outside of these time frames please talk to staff to avoid additional charges. Always call to let us know if you will be late in returning your equipment.