Blackmagic Cinema Camera

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The Blackmagic Cinema Camera 2.5K is a production-grade camera designed with filmmaking in mind. 
Spartan in features, inputs, and functionality, the camera really focusses the user on the task of making their shots great.
The camera also features the added bonus of recording in Cinema DNG, Apple Pro Res or DNxHD internally to SSD drives, meaning that you don't need a peripheral recording device in order to capture high-quality file formats.
What you should know about this camera
- The camera is very simple to use. Anyone can operate this camera with limited training.
- There are no constant automatic functions on this camera. Audio levels, focus, exposure and white balance must be set by the user.
- A strong understanding of white balance, ISO, shutter angle and lenses is essential to getting the most from this camera.
- The pre-amps on the microphone inputs are comparatively poor. If you want top-notch audio, you should use an external audio recorder.
- The built-in mic is only suitable as a reference for synching sound. It does not capture good audio.
- The screen is large and reliable, but an external monitor such as the SmallHD 502 is an extremely valuable tool in properly measuring the values and qualities of your image.
- The camera is compact and light enough to use in run-and-gun situations and for live events.
What's in the kit
- Blackmagic Cinema Camera body
- Two batteries (each lasts approximately 3-4 hours depending on use)
- Battery charger
- A/C adapter available on request
- Two 240GB SSD drives (record time varies based on selected film mode. Each will hold 2 hours and 6 minutes of footage in Pro Res HQ)
- SSD dock for transferring files
- Camera cage, 15mm rails and top handle
What you will need
- At least one EF-mount lens. Cine-style lenses (with aperture rings) are highly recommended
- A tripod that can safely support at least 5 lbs. Ed Video's Manfrotto 502 or Manfrotto 504 are recommended.
- The camera also works very well on our Shape Spider II Shoulder Mount.
- Enough hard drive space to store all of your footage. Filling both SSDs will require you to have 480GB of storage at your end.
Recommended Accessories
- SmallHD 502 (available at Ed Video)
- Bower 16mm, Rokinon 35mm or Bower 85m cine-style lenses (available at Ed Video)
- Canon 24-70mm,  Tokina 100mm, Tokina 11-16mm, Canon 50mm, lenses (available at Ed Video)
- Manfrotto 502 or Manfrotto 504 tripods
- Shape Spider shoulder mount