Panasonic GH5



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The Panasonic GH5 is a fantastic hybrid stills and video camera with pro-level features in a compact package.

The GH5 can capture 4k and 1080p video at various framerates, including up to 60 fps in 4k and 180 fps in 1080p for smooth slow motion shots. 

We have mounted the Metabones Speedbooster to the GH5 to allow use of any Canon EF mount lens, with the added advantage of gaining an extra stop of light and wider field of view.



Recommended accessories:

-Bower 16mm, Rokinon 35mm, and Bower 85mm lenses. These cine style lenses look great on this camera, and are a pleasure to use.

-Fiilex P360, or any of our compact LED lights. With the small and versatile lighting options we have you can put together a very portable and very adaptable production package.

-Ikan Slider or Kessler Pocket Jib. Use these to add dynamic movement to your video.