Kessler Dolly 

Kessler K-Flex Dolly System

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The K-Flex dolly system is ideal for those who need something relatively compact (the whole kit will fit in the trunk of most cars), easy to set up, and rugged. The system is capable of supporting cameras at all levels of production.
The dolly system is based around a solid, flexible cord that is laid down to create a track for the dolly wheels to glide across. The track can curve as needed and will work in a variety of environments.
What's in the kit 
  • Kessler K-Pod tripod and Hercules head
  • 25' track
  • seat
  • push/pull handle
  • low-boy mount
  • A second length of track can be added


Basic Set Up of the Kessler K-Flex Dolly System from Ed Video Media Arts Centre on Vimeo.