Livestreaming and Podcasting

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Our livestreaming and podcasting equipment can be used as separate kits, or combined to create a complete mobile studio.
We provide all the basic equipment you need to get started, and can supplement both kits with our expanded equipment catalogue.

Livestreaming Kit

Our livestreaming kit includes:

  • BlackMagic Design ATEM Mini Pro ISO
  • 2x Canon EOS-M200 Cameras
  • 2x Tripods
  • LED Light Kit
  • All necessary HDMI and power cables

Podcasting Kit

Our podcasting kit includes:

  • Røde Rødecaster Pro mixer/recorder
  • 2x Røde Podmics with arms/stands
  • Headphones
  • All necessary audio and power cables

Also available for use with either of these kits is a laptop pre-loaded with all necessary software for editing video or audio, livestreaming, or conducting online meetings and semenars.