Tripods & Supports

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  Manfrotto 504 Manfrotto 502 Manfrotto 500 E-Image GH03 E-Image EK60  
Payload 16.5 lbs 15.4lbs  11 lbs 11 lbs 17.5 lbs  
Pan/Tilt  Yes Yes  Yes Yes Yes  
Max Height 66.7" 56.5"  55" 61" 63"  
Spreader Yes Yes  No Yes Yes  
Manfrotto 504 
The Manfrotto 504 is a sturdy tripod mean for heavier cameras such as the Canon C100, or for shooting situations where stability and smooth panning/tilting really count. 
Manfrotto 502
The Manfrotto 502 is a mid-sized tripod, capable of supporting any of Ed Video's cameras. This tripod is a perfect combination of lighter weight and portability, with higher capacity. 
Manfrotto 500 (two available for rent)
The Manfrotto 500 Tripod is perfect for lighter cameras such as the Canon 5D Mark III, Canon XA-10, and other DSLRs or handicams. It is also ideal for camera operators who want to travel light or are concerned about navigating crowds. Sturdy but light, the 500 is a fluid head tripod which is suited for a wide variety of shooting situations.
E-Image GH03
The "Easy Lock" baseplate allows ease of camera mounting for variable situations. Includes spiked feet for soft surfaces, or rubber feet for hard surfaces. Capable of supporting equipment up to 11 lbs, makes it great for smaller cameras.
E-Image EK60
Great for heavier camera set ups.