Video Synthesis and Mixing

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Ed Video provides access to Video Synthesis and Mixing equipment available for use in studio or on location.


LZX Vidiot: Standalone Video Synth


The LZX Industries Vidiot is a complete instrument for analog video synthesis and processing. Use the Vidiot to generate live experimental video using only analog circuitry. The Vidiot can also accept composite video input from a camera or other source for signal processing, or an audio input for reactive imagery.

The Vidiot is a video instrument made for experimenting.


BPMC Modified AVE-5 Video Mixer


“An all in one glitch video production studio.” The Modified WJ-AVE5 allows you to transition between two independently glitching channels of composite video in response to subtle human touch, contro voltage, knobs, audio or a magnetic patchbay”

The modified WJ-AVE5 is a two channel NTSC composite video mixer with added digital corruption functionality. Glitch visuals include a number of digital fragmentation FX specific to the AVE3/5/7 FX buffer.


Roland V1-HD Digital Video Switcher 


The Roland V1-HD Switcher features four HDMI inputs providing the ability to mix between two channels of video. The easy to use interface can be supplimented with computer control via the V-1HDRCS software. This switcher features a wide array of transitions and effects, as well as a robust audio mixer. Perfect for live mixing, editing, and performance.


Video Workstation

Our video workstation can be configured as needed and is continually growing. We are able to provide multiple CRT monitors, video decks, assorted format converters, capture and transfer devices, cables, and more. We can combine the workstation with one of our computers to enable digital recording and capture, livestreaming, and editing capabilities.