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PSA: Please register for workshops a week in advance by emailing or on EventBrite where indicated.
For the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic all workshops will be conducted online using Zoom. Please ensure you are able to use these technologies in advance of the workshop, and if you need technical help with this contact for assistance.
Please review our online workshop protocols and policy before attending any of our online events.



Ed Video HAMsters 
Application Deadline: January 24th, 2022.
Ed Video is seeking 20 media artists interested in participating in a paid Amateur Radio Certification course. Artists will learn the basics of electronic theory as well as how to communicate with radios to others across town, on the other side of the globe, and/or to the International Space Station. This course is recommended for artists interested in the intersection of art and technology, wireless communication without the internet, and the ability to help out in a natural disaster.
The course will take place January 27-Early April 2022. Classes take place Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons, and will be recorded for those unable to attend in live time. 
Paid $50 Amateur Radio Course
Paid $20 Exam
Paid $50 Textbook
$100 for artists who  (can use this to purchase a radio of choice)
Internet Access
Computer  (Ed Video has a limited supply of laptops we can provide students if necessary)
Email address
Artist bio (100 words max)
Interest in the program (100 words max)
Links to past work 
This program is for artists living in Canada. 
More info about the course: 
Let's get together and get some helpful feedback on your latest projects!

Ed Video Media Arts Centre presents: Crit Night! Hosted by Maddie Lychek this virtual gathering will allow members of the community and beyond to come together form constructive critique on your latest projects!

You can look forward to:

  • connecting with and getting to know local artists
  • constructive criticism to strengthen your concepts and help push your projects further
  • emotional support, motivation and accountability
  • get some feedback, gain perspective, generate new ideas 

Register through the following link:

This is a free event. If you have any questions please email Maddie at


This beginner course facilitated by Adelina Rivas will give you a complete fundamental understanding of Adobe After Effects. This workshop will teach you how to create your own motion graphics.


You’ll learn the User Interface and functionalities of After Effects:


  • Understand motion graphics basics
  • Masking
  • Working with text and shapes
  • The basics to keyframe animating


Adelina Rivas has worked for four years as video editor. She is part of the Ward 1 Studios team as a video editor and motion designer. She has edited a wide array of videos ranging from sports to corporate to documentaries.

Zoom captioning will be made available. This session will be recorded and sent to everyone who has registered after the workshop. Please email Maddie at if you have any questions. To ensure willing participants have access to educational opportunities, please email Maddie at if you face financial barriers. Space permitting, we can provide discounted or complementary admission.

Register through the following link:

Below you will find some of our core workshops! These sessions are held on an 'on-demand' basis.
To request a core workshop or to suggest new topics please email
Equipment Training
Filming Documentary Interviews
Intro to Camera Operation (for video production) 
Intro to Sound Recording for Film and Video Projects
Intro to Film and Video Production
Lighting for Interviews
Lighting for Fiction
Practice Sessions
Recording Voiceover and Narration







Intro to Final Cut Pro
Audio in Final Cut Pro
Intro to Adobe Premiere Pro
Intro to Adobe After Effects
Intro to DaVinci Resolve
Planning and Pre-Production
Grantwriting (for Media Projects)
Shot Planning and Storyboarding