Education and Training


New workshops coming soon!

PSA: Please register for workshops a week in advance by emailing or on EventBrite where indicated.
For the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic all workshops will be conducted online using Zoom. Please ensure you are able to use these technologies in advance of the workshop, and if you need technical help with this contact for assistance.
Please review our online workshop protocols and policy before attending any of our online events.
Full workshop details below! 
Below you will find some of our core workshops! These sessions are held on an 'on-demand' basis.
To request a core workshop or to suggest new topics please email
Equipment Training
Filming Documentary Interviews
Intro to Camera Operation (for video production) 
Intro to Sound Recording for Film and Video Projects
Intro to Film and Video Production
Lighting for Interviews
Lighting for Fiction
Practice Sessions
Recording Voiceover and Narration







Intro to Final Cut Pro
Audio in Final Cut Pro
Intro to Adobe Premiere Pro
Intro to Adobe After Effects
Intro to DaVinci Resolve
Planning and Pre-Production
Grantwriting (for Media Projects)
Shot Planning and Storyboarding