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Design an Interactive Virtual Space

facilitated by Shelby Edwards

Monday, May 30th 6-7:30-pm EDT via Zoom

Can you honestly say you’ve never fantasized about designing an interactive virtual room? If you have, then you’ve found the perfect workshop, and if you haven’t then you’re probably lying.

Using three free programs (and maybe a sprinkling of a few bonus ones), you will learn how to create an interactive virtual space from scratch!

Some of the skills and tools that we will include; vector drawing, digitally altering the perspective of images and drawings, how to make the spaces interactive, and practical applications. The content we cover can be used in a ton of different ways, and will be suitable for all experience levels!

Shelby (she/her) is an artist currently splitting time between Tkoronto (Toronto) and K'jipuktuk (Halifax) after receiving her Bachelor of Arts Honours in Studio Art from the University of Guelph. Her practice is mostly informed by accident. She is an artist who creates works in a variety of mediums focusing primarily on books, performance, and drawing. She is interested in finding in human , exploring mundane histories and objects, making collections through connections, and making projects and ideas approachable.

Zoom captioning will be made available. This session will be recorded and sent to everyone who has registered after the workshop. Please email Maddie at if you have any questions. To ensure willing participants have access to educational opportunities, please email Maddie at if you face financial barriers. Space permitting, we can provide discounted or complementary admission.

Register through the following link:

[Image Description: Black and white image. In the centre of the image a panorama of an illustrated domestic space with multiple figures is seen. Black text on a white background at the top of the image reads: Ed Video Media Arts Centre presents: Design an Interactive Virtual Space, facilitated by Shelby Edwards. Black test on a white background at the bottom reads: Mon. May 30th 6-7:30-pm EDT via Zoom. Ed Video's logo is visible in the bottom right hand corner.]

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Intro to Film and Video Production
Lighting for Interviews
Lighting for Fiction
Practice Sessions
Recording Voiceover and Narration







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Audio in Final Cut Pro
Intro to Adobe Premiere Pro
Intro to Adobe After Effects
Intro to DaVinci Resolve
Planning and Pre-Production
Grantwriting (for Media Projects)
Shot Planning and Storyboarding