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Try Your Hand: Exploring the 3D Printer

Facilitated by Purvatya Vishwash Patel

$5.00 for members

$10.00 for non-members

Dates: Thursday, August 25th 6:30-8:30pm

Thursday, September 1st 6:30-8:30pm

Two immersive hands-on group learning sessions exploring the essentials of 3D printing. Sessions will delve into various topics including setting up the 3D printer, finding pre-made objects to print and how to model and print basic forms.

Purvatya Vishwash Patel is an engineer by profession, and an art enthusiast by heart. He did his master’s research on ‘Quality Assurance in Composite 3D Printing’ and graduated from the University of Guelph in December 2021.

Come with a laptop, and a free download of Ultimaker Cura. If you do not have access to a laptop Ed Video has ones that you can use for the workshop. Please email if you wish to use one. Please email with any questions and/or accessibility needs and to register for this session. 

[Image Description. Colour Image. Promotional Graphic with black, white and yellow text on a purple and cyan gradient background. There is a transparent jagged grid overlay in the top left corner of the gradient background. The black text at the top of the graphic reads: Ed Video Media Arts Centre presents. Below, the yellow title text reads: Try Your Hand. Underneath, the white subtitle text reads: Exploring the 3D Printer. Underneath the black text reads: Facilitated by Purvatya Vishwash Patel. Behind the text to the left of the graphic there is a 3D model of a hand. Towards the bottom right text reads: Thursday, August 25th 6:30-8:30pm. Thursday, September 1st 6:30-8:30pm. At the bottom text reads: Email for info and to register. Ed Video’s logo is visible on the top left corner.]

 Rec therapy


Recreation Therapy for Artists' Mental Health 

Facilitated by Tess Martens


Date: Tuesday, August 23rd 6-8pm 

Location: Speed River, meeting in front of the Boathouse


An interactive course designed to help you investigate recreation and leisure activities that are personalized, to reduce stress and anxiety and create balance in your activities of daily living.

Tess Martens is born and lives in Guelph, Ontario. She is a performance artist, painter and recreation therapist. She has performed in Canada, The United-States, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, and Mexico. Her work explores trauma, her childhood and adult memories, guilt and shame, as well as, play, childhood games, gender expectations, being queer and humour. As a recreation therapist, Tess has worked closely with the elderly for over 10 years, specifically seniors living with dementia. She loves to connect with people and explore their genuine interests to improve individuals’ lives.

Please email with any questions and/or accessibility needs and to register for this session. 


[Image Description. Colour Image. Promotional Graphic with black and navy text on a light pink background with an illustration depicting “recreation”. The navy text that circles the graphic reads: Recreation Therapy for Artists’ Mental Health. Presented by Ed Video Media Arts Centre. White stars are visible to the top left and bottom right of the circular text. In the bottom left corner text reads: Facilitated by Tess Martens. Recreation Therapy for Artists’ Mental Health. Tuesday, August 23rd 6-8pm. Ed Video’s logo is visible on the bottom right. 


Below you will find some of our core workshops! These sessions are held on an 'on-demand' basis.
To request a core workshop or to suggest new topics please email
Equipment Training
Filming Documentary Interviews
Intro to Camera Operation (for video production) 
Intro to Sound Recording for Film and Video Projects
Intro to Film and Video Production
Lighting for Interviews
Lighting for Fiction
Practice Sessions
Recording Voiceover and Narration







Intro to Final Cut Pro
Audio in Final Cut Pro
Intro to Adobe Premiere Pro
Intro to Adobe After Effects
Intro to DaVinci Resolve
Planning and Pre-Production
Grantwriting (for Media Projects)
Shot Planning and Storyboarding