Filming Dance: Movement on Film

Upcoming Session:
Saturday July 8th, 2017
10:00am- 6:00pm
$100 + HST
Bonus: participants of this session may attend the Intro to Shooting Video workshop at no cost.
Held at Ed Video (404 York Road, Guelph)


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Offered through the LIFT Touring Program

Join Allen Kaeja for a one-day intensive dance film workshop!

This is an extraordinary opportunity for those interested in dance, media and film to develop skills and gain experience in the relatively underdeveloped and hugely promising field of dance for the screen. This rare hands- on, in-depth workshop will explore the marriage of these two moving mediums and include discussions, screenings and filming choreographic work while exploring the technical, practical and artistic challenges involved in producing a dance film. Participants will work in groups to create a number of short videos.

In this workshop, Kaeja offers a conceptual and practical approach that involves both hands-on experience and discussion around: How does one capture the essence, essential texture, emotional and kinesthetic power of movement or theatrical image within the lens of the camera.

The participants will work in groups for each of the hands-on short films and take on the roles of: Director cinematographer, blocking director or performer. 

Kaeja will show a variety of films that examine various approaches and themes to inspire and prepare the student. There will be one short practical exercises that will culminate in distinct, original and inspiring films. The workshops will centre around landmark tools of finding the directors unique vision.

No experience in either dance or film necessary, just an intense curiosity and willingness to take on all aspects of the course, from movement artist, director through to camera operator.


About the Instructor

Allen Kaeja is an internationally recognized and award winning Dance Film Director and Choreographer*,* who has created over 160 stage works and choreographed for 27 films. 

Allen is Co-Artistic Director of *Kaeja d’Dance* with Karen Kaeja, they were runner up of NOW Magazine’s BEST DANCE COMPANY 2015 award and he is co-founder of the *CanAsian Dance Festival*. His stage and film works have been presented in festivals around the world as well as teaching Kaeja Elevations and Dance Film master classes worldwide. Allen has received dozens of national and international commissions and was recently nominated for Ontario’s Arts 

Education Award and received the Katheryn Ash Award for Choreography 2016. 

Allen also co-developed many site-specific and audience 

interactive engagement performance strategies with Karen Kaeja over the past 27 years.