Film Studies Group

The film studies group is an informal gathering of people who love to watch, talk, and learn about films. These events are free and open to members, as well as guests of members.

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February 25th @ 7:00 p.m- Short Film Night
Get out of the cold and into some shorts (films, that is). We'll spend this session viewing and discussing some great short films.  


Past Film Studies Sessions

February 28th @ 7:00pm- Velcrow Ripper's "Scared Sacred"
We'll view portions (or possibly all of) "Scared Sacred". Conversation to follow.
"In a world teetering on the edge of self-destruction, award-winning filmmaker Velcrow Ripper sets out on a unique pilgrimage. Visiting the Ground Zero's of the planet, he asks if it's possible to find hope in the darkest moments of human history.

March 28th @ 7:00pm- Peter Szabo's "Love Never Dies"
Ed Video member Peter Szabo will be showing, and then discussing, his film "Love Never Dies". The film was based on "Nona" a story by Steven King. This event is strongly recommended for new filmmakers who would like to learn more about indie film production.

April 25th @ 7:00pm-Thomas Vinterberg's "The Celebration"
"The Celebration" was the first film created as part of the Dogme 95 movement. The film is harsh, gritty, at times hard to watch, but unforgettable. We'll watch the film, take a look at the Dogme 95 movement and discuss.

May 30th @ 7:00pm- Michael Del Monte and "Transcend" 

Ed Video member Michael Del Monte will be showing some of the work from his documentary project "Transcend”. The film is still in the editing process. Michael will be showing us selections of his work and discussing his experience in the production of the film. The session will be pretty casual, and will allow for questions and input.

Transcend: Official Trailer #1 from Michael Del Monte on Vimeo.

October 29th @ 7:00pm- The work of Casey Neistat
Casey Neistat is a prime example of a modern moviemaker. Shooting on low-cost technology such as DSLRs and cellphones, and editing in iMovie, Neistat has carved our a corner of the interwebs for his brand of unique 'movie'. Sometimes his work is political or message-based, sometimes he makes DIY videos, sometimes he makes travel docs, sometimes he makes videos about proposing to his girlfriend. No matter what he makes, his videos are distinctly his own. 


November 26th @ 7:00 pm- Alberta Nye's "Smiling at Death"
"Smiling at Death" is a documentary that explores the moments around a person's passing. The film touches on what happens after we die, phenomena observed by those who bear witness to a passing, and contact from beyond the physical world, all while considering that maybe there is more to life and death than we think.
Most members have probably encountered Alberta in the editing suite, steadfastly tinkering away on her documentary off and on since 2008. The film has been completed (along with a 'spin-off' documentary), and Alberta will be sharing portions of the film with us, as well as taking questions.