Intro to Adobe Premiere Pro

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2 hours
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Learn the basics of editing video in Adobe Premiere Pro: how the software manages media, starting a new project, importing footage, simple editing tools, applying effects, and exporting/sharing your work. 
This workshop is an ideal starting point for someone who wants an overview of the software, but can also be of benefit to those who have delved into the program on their own.
Please be aware that this session will be taught using an Apple computer. There are some minor differences (mostly keyboard) between the Apple and Windows versions.
Workshop Outline
  • Setting up a new project
  • Projects and sequences
  • Importing media (and where media is stored)
  • Organizing Media
  • Moving footage to the sequence
  • Basic editing and assembly
  • Basic audio adjustments
  • Applying and adjusting effects
  • Applying and adjusting transitions
  • Applying and adjusting titles
  • Sharing 
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