Intro to Sound Recording Sound for Film & Video

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3 hours
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This workshop will focus on recording performers and interview subjects in fiction and doc projects. Much of the knowledge gained in this session can also be applied to recording  other forms of audio for video.
Participants will be introduced to core principles, typical equipment, integrating into a camera-based workflow, and microphone placement. Working with audio recorders will be discussed in a limited capacity.
This session is an ideal starting point for people who will further explore sound recording, or a good base session for anyone working at an independent level (regardless of their role in the production).
Workshop Outline
  • Planning for a shoot
  • Environmental obstacles/selecting locations
  • Types of equipment typically used
  • Selecting the right equipment for the project
  • Overview of working with audio recorders
  • Common terminology
  • Microphone placement (lapel or lavalier microphones)
  • Microphone placement (Boom microphones)
  • Working with a camera crew
  • Connecting to the recording device/setting levels
  • Connecting to a camera/setting levels
  • Participants will have an opportunity to practice the setup and execution of a recording
All workshops are held at Ed Video, 404 York Road, Guelph, unless otherwise indicated