Screening: The Volunteer

Thursday December 11th, 2014 at 6:30 p.m.
Bookshelf Cinema
*This is not an Ed Video event

Waterloo's Jon Steckleyand Ken Ogasawara will host the first Guelph screening of their full-length film "The Volunteer", which was filmed throughout Waterloo region in 2012. 

Ed Video's Angus McLellan will host the Q&A with the crew following the presentation of the film. Tickets are available at the door. 


A kind-hearted twenty-something youth worker, Ken (Ken C. Ogasawara) struggles with being a stranger in a new town, battling loneliness and searching for new meaning in his life. He spends his days working at an underfunded youth center, befriending his co-worker Cheryl (Cheryl Lee) and her boyfriend, Matt (Andrew Cherry). At the same time, Ken finds himself being drawn into an ill-advised relationship with the family of a young teenager, Amy (Kaity Adam) and dealing with her broken father Rick (Theodore Bouloukos) and mercurial step-mother Becky (Myra Segal). Ken’s new world only gets messier the deeper he gets involved in their lives, making it hard for him to distinguish right from wrong.