Home Again

Dannielle Dyson
 - Video and Installation
Sheilah Dyson - Quilts
Taj Dyson - Animation

December 4-17, 2009
Opening reception- Friday, December 4, 7pm

To every quilt there is a season and for every quilt there is a home.
For every stage of life a quilt is there to love and to hold as does a
Inside every quilt is the thread and fibres from the earth shaped by
the quilter’s tools and hands.
Three generations of Dysons invite you to experience the four seasons

inside the heart of a quilter.

A homemade tree is the center of these four seasons that houses clotheslines
filled with quilts.
While Spring says it is time to build a fort,
Summer invites you to sit in a hammock,
Fall’s cool wind calls out bedtime
and Winter puts our nest to the test.