Moviemaking 2009

Orientation Meeting: June 1st, 2009 @ 7pm


The Moviemaking 2009 project is an immersive video making experience designed for aspiring or experienced moviemakers and video artists who are looking to create their first professional quality independent film.

Through hands-on experience, mentoring, and workshops, participants will learn the skills they need to tackle their own productions. Limited equipment funding will also be provided to participants who complete a successful pitch demonstration to a jury.

The MM2009 experience will focus mostly on hands-on learning. Theory learning will be limited, and participants are encouraged to take Ed Video's regular workshop programming. Our regular workshop programming is designed to be more specific and in-depth in developing fundamental skill sets. The MM program is designed to be an environment where participants can practice those skills and network with others at their skill level.

The MM program is not a substitute for taking regular workshop programming.


Participation in the program is free for Ed Video Members. Costs associated with the production of their projects (not including equipment) are to be assumed by the participant)


Each participant or "Moviemaker" should start the program with some concepts they would like to see through to creation. This is NOT required, but encouraged. Some participants prefer to assist other projects over making their own project. However, we encourage each participant to at least practice the process of seeing a project through from concept to pre-production. This is not mandatory.

The Moviemaking meetings begin on June 1st, and continue on a weekly basis throughout the summer months. During this time, participants will have the opportunity to work as, and alongside, crew on the sets of experienced Directors making their own new works.

From the beginning of the program, through to the pitch date (tentatively set for late August or early September), participants will share the pre-production progress (conceptualizing, writing, crew enlistment, etc) of their own projects with the group ‘in class'. Participants should also be working independently to move their projects along.

The Pitch sessions will be done in front of a jury of experienced moviemakers and filmmakers, and are meant to give participants a chance to hone and practice their pitching skills. Equipment funding will be made available to participants who successfully demonstrate that they are prepared to take their project into the production stages.

Participants can start using equipment funding immediately after the pitch results are announced.

The finished (or work-in-progress versions) videos will be screened in spring of 2010.

Equipment Funding and Types of Projects Funded

Participants can participate in the moviemaking program without any restrictions on the type or length of their project. However, there are restrictions to which projects will be supported with equipment funding:

Any short-length, non-commercial project will be considered for equipment funding. Project types which best fit the parameters of how the program works are short films, documentaries, music videos, and video art pieces.

Equipment funding is limited, and so each project should be under 15 minutes in length, require less than 5 shooting days (or 2 weekends), and 5 days of editing.
Is the Moviemaking Program right for you?

I am:

  • New to film and video production
  • (or) Have some experience, but not as a professional
  • (or) Have some experience as a professional, but I have never Directed a film before
  • (or) I have made films before, but not one that I would consider to be of professional quality
  • Looking to network with others and learn through working with them

My Concept:

  • Can be shot for a budget that I can afford if equipment funding is provided
  • Can be shot in 4 days or two weekends (or less)
  • Can be edited with about 5 days of work, or less
  • Is less than 15 minutes in length
  • I don't have a concept, but I would like to learn by helping others make a film

I can:

  • Usually meet at least once a week throughout the summer for Moviemaking program meetings (with exceptions for some personal summer activities)
  • Work independently to use what I learn in the program to advance the pre-production progress of my own project each week (roughly 1-5 hours per week)
  • Take part in productions designed as part of the Moviemaking program during the summer months (approximately 2-8 days, pending my availability)
  • Commit to seeing the production of my own project through to completion between September and the Spring
  • Commit to helping other participants of the program with the planning, shooting, or editing of their projects

If you feel that many of the criteria above do not describe you, then the program may not be suited to your needs. Participants who get the most out of the program are those who can attend most of the meetings and also take part in the productions of other participants. This leads to a deeper understanding of the process and also builds a network of people to work with in the future.For more information, pleae email