The Art of Editing

March 17th, 2010
6pm-9pm (Wednesdays for 3 Weeks)
$90 for members/$120 for non-members

**Please note: This course has been postponed for 1 week (Original start date of March 10th is now March 17th)

Peter Light, Editor on television series such as ‘Testees’, ‘Heartland’, ‘Due South’ and ‘Friday the 13th’, will lead participants of this three-class course through his approach to editing. 

This theory class will focus on the editing choices and techniques used by professional editors, and will include hands-on editing time and assignments which use footage from an actual television show.

No-fee access to the editing suites will be made available to paid participants for the duration of the course.

This course is not designed for those who want to learn how to use Final Cut Pro. 

Instructor: Peter Light

Register by March 15th by emailing or by phone at 519.836.9811

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop will make use of privately-owned footage which has not yet aired and has not been cleared for any use other than in this workshop. Participants will be required to sign an agreement which states that they will not duplicate the footage they are provided with, remove it from Ed Video's premises, or use for purposes other than the workshop.