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All Cinematics sessions begin at 5:45pm and end at 7pm. 
September 8th: The Process
September 15th: Crew roles/Building a strong production team/The role of the Director
September 22nd: Preparing your pitch/How to pull your production together
September 27th: Guest Speaker/Effective Planning/Deciding on Equipment
October 6th: Guest Speaker/ Shot Planning + Storyboarding
October 12th: Gathering resources/ Effective Planning
October 20th: The Final Stages of Pre-Production/Casting
October 27th: Pitches
November 10th: Scheduling and brief equipment training
November 17th: General meeting

Cinematics picks up where the Moviemaking 101 program ends, offering an immersive learning and networking experience for newcomers to the art of filmmaking as well as seasoned veterans.Working together, the participants of the program will initiate and complete two professional-quality short films that will shine on their resumes. 
This program is designed for those who aspire to make a film a profession. There is no cost to participate, but all participants are expected to complete work outside of the program as they advance toward the production of their project.

How it will work:An orientation meeting will be held on September 1st, 2010. Each participants is welcome to come to the program with a concept or script which they would like to see created as a film. 
Throughout the course of the program the participants will work together to refine and polish their concepts/scripts, and eventually prepare them for production. 
The weekly Cinematics meetings will feature educational content which will respond to the needs of the participants and aid them in the creation of their films.
Eventually the participants will be asked to pitch their concepts to the participants of the program, and the participants will act as a jury in deciding which two projects will receive production funding through Ed Video. Production funding will include full access to equipment and editing facilities.
Although only two projects will be able to receive production funding, all participants are encouraged to carry their projects through to completion. The projects that are successful in receiving funding are expected to include the other participants of the program.

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