Guelph Festival of Moving Media

Guelph Festival of Moving Media

Screenings at Ed Video Gallery

Saturday, Nov. 6 at 3pm

Eduardo de la Serna, Lucas Marcheggiano & Adriana Yurcovich
Argentina 2009 / 84 minutes

Following the tireless, self-taught filmmaker Daniel Burmeister as he
travels from village to village in Argentina. At each stop he uses his charm
to find actors and audiences alike to create a feature film on location in
about 30 days. Burmeister also tells the story of his life and working
philosophy—including priceless tips and techniques for successful filmmaking
on a tight schedule. "No contracts, no red tape, no grant proposals in
triplicate—just a pitch and a handshake and he’s ready to roll.”

Followed by a panel discussion "Participatory Community Arts" with Dawn Matheson, Dale Hamilton, and Scott McGovern.

Sunday, Nov. 7 at 3pm

Dominic Morissette
Canada 2007 / 55 minutes

Killid ("key” in Persian) Media, founded by Afghans returned from exile,
runs a radio station and produces two weekly magazines, one aimed
specifically at, and written by, women. The film chronicles the daily
activities of the company’s distribution manager as he drives round Kabul
visiting news-stands and sales points. We see a city battered by war and
meet some of the people trying to rebuild it.

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