Put The Moves On

'Put The Moves On'
film and video installations about human movement

Opening Reception: Friday, February 5, 2010 at 7pm
Ed Video Gallery, 40 Baker Street, Guelph

Aubrey Reeves - 'Glide'
Sara Angelucci - 'When The Cricket Sings'
Riaz Mehmood - 'Zara (Pixel)'

Three installations that show how human movement is depicted and understood through moving pictures.

'Glide' by Aubrey Reeves is a two-channel film installation, using text and hand-painted animation, that meditates on the alchemy of ice skating.

Sara Angelucci's single-channel video loop, 'When The Cricket Sings' was shot using a bicycle as a camera dolly. As the artist slowly peddles around a neighbourhood in Shanghai, a surprising variety of human activities are seen, creating a portrait of bustling street life from a specific place and time.

Riaz Mehmood's 'Zara (Pixel)' is a looped projection showing a boy running along a beach in Karachi, Pakistan. With each repetition, less pixels are used to depict the vignette, until just a few squares of colour create the image, reducing the movement to a memory.


Video Documentation of the Show: