Aux Out

An evening of experimental music, multimedia performance, artwork and cross-genre collaboration.

Polydactyl Hearts Collective - Jeff Bird - Lazy Architects

artwork from Dave Willekes and Sarah Walterhouse

Saturday, January 22, 2011 at Ed Video Gallery

Tickets $10 in advance at Ed Video or the Bookshelf, $12 at the door 

Co-presented by  Ed Video, Kazoo!, and The Guelph Jazz Festival

Polydactyl Hearts Collective performing RGB
Polydactyl Hearts Collective are a Guelph based media arts collective
exploring the intersections of art, music, and technology. Formed in 2007
they have created two full length media projects, their 2008 'graphic novel
bike opera' Le Cyc, and their award-winning stop-motion animation and music
collection, Hello Adventure (2010). This performance marks the debut of
'RGB', an improvised performance featuring live animation by Dave Willekes.
In this set, instruments are controlled and directed by the colour
(Red/Green/Blue) content in the projected artwork. The artist controls the
group in real-time like a conductor while the custom-built software allows
him to evolve the animation by hand, frame-by-frame. He must be wary of the
tight integration between visual change and auditory effect, acting both as
artist and sound designer in this interesting and playful piece.

Jeff Bird performing 1000 Fiddle Tunes
Jeff Bird is a filmmaker, media artist and musician who has performed in
many legendary Canadian projects such as the Cowboy Junkies and Tamarack. In
a new multimedia project, Jeff Bird returns to his folk roots by bending the
world of traditional fiddle music. Combining multi-screen projection and
live performance Jeff will explore the fractal nature of traditional fiddle

The Lazy Architects is a creative workshop for people who like to explore.
At the heart of the group are a handful of musicians and one visual artist
currently or formerly based in Guelph, Ontario: Sam de Martigny (tenor
saxophone), Josh Doerksen (voice & electronics), Taylor Moran (live
sampling, processing & electronics), Steve Sladkowski (guitars), Sarah
Walterhouse (visual art), and Claire Whitehead (violin)—however the group
often takes on a collective mentality, inviting our friends to improvise
with us. We are people who explore the improvised aesthetic through
spontaneous live performances of art, music, and sound. The formative and
basic idea for the group is simple: improvisation is something that
permeates all forms of art—whether that be dance, visual art, music, or
writing—and is proof that any divorce between these artistic disciplines is
wholly artificial. Every time you see the Architects, the music and visuals
are a result of creative individuals spontaneously interacting with each
other—improvising together. What started as a series of basement experiments
across artistic disciplines quickly transformed into a DIY approach to
improvising: the group has played house shows, concert recitals and
experimental venues while its individual members have played jazz festivals,
toured with indie rock bands, been community organizers, and done whatever
it takes to spread the improviser’s philosophy.

Dave Willekes
As a member of Polydactyl Hearts Collective, Dave Willekes is the artist
behind the graphic novel bike opera Le Cyc, and the stop motion animation
piece, Hello Adventure. Dave Willekes has also had several solo exhibitions
of his recent airbrush works. At this opening, Dave will be debuting a
series of new sculptures.

Sarah Walterhouse works in large abstract drawing with an integral emphasis
on process and materiality with a consideration of line and mark. Sarah is
also a founding member of the improvised music and art collective, Lazy

artist websites: 

Polydactyl Hearts Collective

Jeff Bird

Dave Willekes

Review of show, "Drips of Paint, Sounds of Harmony" written by Josh Doyle for The Ontarion.

Jeff Bird - 1000 Fiddle Tunes video