Kenneth Doren Digital Opera Redux

Dear Friends,

Thank you for coming together to assist Kenneth Doren with his cancer recovery. I am very please to let you know that we have reached our goal of $10 000 and actually exceeded it by $231.

The response to the fundraiser co-organized by Ed Video and the Anna Leonowen’s gallery of Halifax, was undeniably positive. We believe that Kenneth’s generous soul and kindheartedness has to be the cause for this outpour of assistance. Support for our friend came from all over Canada. To witness how caring the art community is, warms our hearts.

On behalf of Ed Video I would like to thank you all for your warm support.


Julie René de Cotret, Ed Video, BoD



Kenneth is a Canadian multi-media artist and composer whose art installations, videos and digital operas have been presented in Canada, China, Finland, France and the U.S.A. He is an Ed Video member; his practice employs musical interventions and political discourse utilizing video and performance. 

Last fall, Kenneth went to Botswana, Africa, with his wife Gayle, for a volunteer opportunity. Unfortunately, while there, he was diagnosed with stomach cancer, has undergone two surgeries and some treatment. He has had to travel between Botswana and Johannesburg for treatment. You can read Kenny's story here on his blog. Note that much of the actual cost of his treatments will be covered by his insurance but he still has to pay specialists and all the traveling and living costs involved. Kenny has asked us to specifically list his costs. The funds we are seeking are around $10,000. The following information is directly from Kenny:
- Flights to and from Gaborone, Botswana and Johannesburg, South Africa for Gayle and I in Dec. 2010 and also in Jan. 2011.
- Flights from Ontario to Alberta (due to our organization only sends  us to where we were sent originally from, but we need to get to  Alberta for treatment).
- Cost of staying (lodge and food) in Johannesburg for Gayle for two months while I was in the hospital as well as part of my lodging and food when I was out of the hospital.
- Transportation costs in Johannesburg to and from the hospital for  both Gayle and I.
- Dietician fees.
- Specialized Allergist work.
- Some unknown costs at the moment.
- And potential costs for chemotherapy treatment in Gaborone, Botswana  in May through to September.

These are the two websites of my volunteer positions here in Botswana: