Summer 2019 Members Screening

Tuesday August 6th, 6:30 pm
2 hours
Email with your submission. Work-in-progress projects are welcome.
Free for members/ Members may bring up to two guests
Members are invited to share short video and film works with one another in a casual and fun setting. This is an opportunity to network, get feedback, and see what other members are doing.
The length of videos we can play will be dictated somewhat by the number of submissions, but ideally what we are looking for is projects up to 10 minutes long. We will consider segments of films/videos, or works in progress.
Please note: we can only accept submissions from the producer or person who owns the copyright to the project. If you were involved in a project in some other capacity, but would like to submit it, please have the person who owns the copyright contact us at the time of submission.
- Only current members may submit. You can submit projects that were made when you were not a member.
- Submit films or videos completed after 2015 (older works may be considered, but newer works will be given priority)
- Ideally, we will only screen projects under 10 minutes. 
- It has to be easy for us to screen! We will review online links, but we will require either downloadable links (in presentation-quality), a hard copy on DVD, or a presentation-quality copy on a USB thumb drive.
- You must be the copyright holder, or have the stated consent of the copyright holder, to submit.
- Segments of larger projects or works-in-progress will be considered.
- Films and videos must adhere to Ed Video's Code of Conduct.