A Friendly Rewinder - 35 Years of Ed Video

A Friendly Rewinder - 35 Years of Ed Video

Eric Cameron

Jenn E Norton

Melissa Hamonic

Charlie Fox

Kevin Hogg

Peter Taussig

curated by Ufuk Gueray

September 10 to 30, 2011

Reception on Saturday, September 10 from 8pm to midnight for Nuit Blanche

1976: the still-youthful medium of video was spreading fast among a new generation of artists. In Guelph, Ontario, a small group of video enthusiasts decided to create a place where practitioners of this new medium could share resources and exchange ideas. The Educational Video Creative Community Television Project, commonly and affectionately known as Ed Video, was born. 

For 35 years, Ed Video has hosted hundreds of exhibitions, screenings, concerts and workshops, while helping to create thousands of videos. "A Friendly Rewinder”, curated by Ufuk Gueray, features vintage and recent works made by members.


Some pictures from the show, courtesy of Dan Hauser of Hauserworks.