Another Art Sale

Ed Video Gallery - Saturday, January 14, 2012 - starts at 5pm

Another Art Sale! is a collection of artists who come together for one day to sell their work to the public for fair prices. It originates from the Art Yard Sale, which took place in September 2011, an outdoor public event featuring a huge variety of local, reasonably priced artwork. It’s an opportunity for local artists to participate in the public generation of discussion about their work while providing themselves with an opportunity to sell their work, enabling them to financially sustain their artistic endeavors.
This time, we’re headed indoors, because January is just a bit too frosty for an outdoor Art Yard Sale. There will be 8-10 artists involved displaying a variety of prints, paintings, drawings, textiles, apparel, books etc. As the event progresses there will also be musical performances by three local bands, Pure Joy, Mathemagic and From East to Exit.
Artists who have been confirmed thus far include: Sarah Dolamore, Olivia Simpson, Kayla Krische, Monika Hauck, Nadine Maher, Nick Silvani, Leah Williams, Kat Hutton and Ursula Bero.

Video from the first Art Yard Sale: