Cassettestival 3

Milk & Honey, The While, The Re-Bops, Scrutineer, Roadside Companion + Cassettestivision - VHS compilation

Cassettestival 3 poster

Friday, March 8, 2013 - doors at 8pm, 9pm music

Ed Video Gallery, 40 Baker Street, Guelph - $5-$10 sliding scale - Individual cassettes and box set available for purchase

It is time for the third set of releases through Guelph's cassette periodical, Cassettestival!
This round will feature new tapes by Milk & Honey, The While, The Re-Bops, Scrutineer, Roadside Companion, and the first ever edition of Cassettestivision, a VHS compilation of brand new music videos by some of Guelph's finest music-makers.
Live performances by Milk & Honey, The Re-bops, and an special performance by the Scrutineer Band.

Milk & Honey - Gorgeous duets by Gordon Auld (of Lowlands) and Alanna Gurr!

The Re-Bops - Cosby, Morley, and Waterman bring a fun, loud, scrappy ruckus.
http:// album/drag-race

The While - is an ethereal, cinematic, and beautiful video/music project from Jenn E Norton, Scott McGovern, and Alissa Firth-Eagland

Scrutineer - makes songs to wash dishes to in 2026

David Suzuki - Miles To Go: A Roadside Companion
http:// album/ miles-to-go-a-roadside-comp anion


Cassettestivision (VHS) - a collection of visual stimuli from some of Guelph's finest music-makers, curated by Cryin' Jerk.
Cassettestival is organized by Peter Bradley.  Poster by Steph Yates.