Ed Video at Supermarket Art Fair 2019


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Ed Video at Supermarket Art Fair
Stockholm, Sweden
April 4-7, 2019


Becca Wijshijer

Ivana Dizdar

Sophia Oppel

Xuan Ye

Curated by Angel Callander


SUPERMARKET is an international artist-run art fair that provides a showcase of artist initiatives from all over the world with the aim to display their unique projects and ideas, create opportunities for new networks on the Swedish and international art scene, and share the passion and vitality that are present in this sphere of the art world.

Ed Video has commissioned Angel Callander to curate this booth featuring video and sculpture by four talented new generation woman artists. The work suggests strategic approaches to contemporary art that both acknowledge and deny the opposing dynamics that define the international art world - wealth mixing with poverty, the value of objects versus ideas, and redefining how young women artists can be transgressive within the ‘rules’ of the art world.


Ed Video wishes to thank the 'Arts Abroad' section of the Canada Council for the Arts, and ArtsEverywhere by Musagetes for supporting this initiative.

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