Equipment Residencies

Ed Video has acquired some unique and exciting tools for self-guided artist residencies:

• 3D Printers and resources

• The 'Electronics Minibar', an extensive collection of components, tools, and supplies to build electronic projects

• A modular, Eurorack video synth for generating and manupulating video signals


Resident artists have access to this equipment for the duration of Winter, 2021, to learn and create at home in their own time. 


Many thanks to the Canada Council for the Arts - Equipment Fund for supporting this project. 

Summer 2021:

Summer Residents

Alisson Escobar VS 3D Printer

Richelle Forsey VS Electronics Minibar

Jackie Levitt VS Video Synth


Past Residencies:

Winter 2021:

ed video equipment residents jose andres mora maya ben david emma ongman


Ed Video's Winter 2021 Equipment Residents

Maya Ben David VS 3D Printer

José Andrés Mora VS Electronics Minibar

Emma Ongman VS Video Synth