Rosetta's Vespers

by Nora Hutchinson

November 21-25, 2011
Closing Reception on Friday, November 25 at 7pm

Rosetta's Vespers is an installation expressing an operatic moment. This tableau consists of three images. A slow motion willow bough moving in the wind is projected into the corner of a wall [left side of gallery] resulting in a refracted image that spills from the corner onto the back wall of the room. A slow motion snow image is projected onto the floor in the centre of the gallery. The seduction image is projected on the right hand wall of the gallery. The nature images are counterpoint to the seduction scene which is intended as a gestalt of the "frail and poetic" death scenes of women in opera.

Artist Bio: Nora Hutchinson-MFA
Nora Hutchinson is an internationally exhibited artist and teacher. She has taught at The Ontario College of Art and Design, University of Guelph and York University. She is the recipient of the Portland Oregon Award and Video Roma Award, Rome Italy.