Hidden Histories: Secret Places

Ed Video, the Festival of Moving Media, and Musagetes present:

Hidden Histories: Secret Places
Screening on Thursday, November 3, 2011 at 6:30pm at Ed Video Gallery

A commissioning project to create nine short documentaries (under 5 minutes) about secret places in the 1Mile2 of Guelph

Featuring videos by:

Rene Meshake
'Grand Slam'
Set in a deserted baseball field, this video is about the fantasy of hitting a grand slam.

Jeff Bird
Strange noises emanate from a 150 year old basement. 
What events from the past linger there?

Blair Cameron
‘Hidden Farm Land Sows Collaboration’
"Locavores" and land developers are conventionally thought of as
being at two ends of an ideological spectrum.  An innovative, collaborative
approach to urban agriculture centered around hidden farm land in Guelph is
taking shape as a new model of community development.

Frances Roberts-Reilly
‘Waking Up With Frank’
A look at how Frank Lloyd Wright, the world’s greatest architect, has inspired the character and identity of modern day Guelph. The documentary features interviews with Gil Stelter (Guelph’s cultural historian), Steve Gazzola (BJC architect), and Tom King, (novelist and broadcaster).

Josh Cleminson
A group of wandering, nomadic youth stumble across a small ruin in
the forest. After exploring the decaying stone, they make camp for a night
before heading off the next day, taking nothing with them but the knowledge
of its location and their memories.

Ferenc Stenton
‘Keeping The Secret’
A glimpse in to a special place. Kept safe in the home.

Melissa Sky
‘Hidden: Her Story’
A provocative and visually stimulating exploration of local sex worker voices that challenges the predominant perceptions and master narratives about them and their work.

Kim Logue
‘Notes from Jerome, Ontario’
Can recycling junkmail and journals lead to handmade paper sheets that are
each an original piece of art, suitable for framing? Explore the wonderful
world of handmade papermaking, in this open tour of a traveling studio.

Christine Bergsma and Lenette Olivier
‘Hidden Places’
An examination of the historical importance of coal in Guelph, using the furnace at the Barber Gallery as the central theme.

call for submission

Do you have access to a place hidden from the public eye?  Ever wondered what is inside an intriguing building downtown?  What lies underneath the streets, hidden in nature, or unnoticed in plain sight?   

Applicants must reside in Guelph and can be first-time or experienced documentarians and media artists.
To apply, write a one paragraph pitch about your idea.  Indicate what ‘Secret Place’ you will focus on, confirm that you have access to it, and what will be revealed.  

The ten selected entries will be supported with:
-production support and one year producer membership from Ed Video ($150 credit for equipment rental, 50 hours editing suite time, two free Ed Video workshops)
-$500 artist fee 

Proposals will be judged by a selection committee and successful applicant will be notified by June 15, 2011.  Videos must be completed by September 1, 2011.  Email submissions to Scott McGovern at scott@edvideo.org

The completed videos will be shown in a special ‘secret screening’ at the Festival of Moving Media (November 3-6, 2011) and participants are invited to speak in panel talk about their work.  Each of the ten videos will also be shown as ‘trailers’ before other festival screenings.

1Mile2 of Guelph